Saturday, August 2, 2008

Our Trip To Europe, Ireland

First off please visit this post before you read just to get some more info on Our Trip To Europe. I have always wanted to go to Ireland all of it, but for our lack of time(I would like have "visited" most of Europe in a week) we are just going to Dublin although depending on time we will come back and maybe go to Cork, Ireland.
Quick info on Dublin
Population 952,692 (city); 1,058,264 (metro area)
Average January temp: 41°F (5°C)
Average July temp: 63°F (17°C)
Annual rainfall: 28.5 inches (73mm)
Land area: 44 square miles
Number of Pubs: 1000
Religion: 91.6% Catholic, small sects of Church of Ireland, Presbyterian, Protestant, and Judaism
Time zone: GMT (GMT+1 during daylight savings).
Currency: Euro
Language: Irish (Gaelic) and English
Industries: brewing (beer), textiles, food processing, crystal, pharmaceuticals

Litton Lane Hostel was once a rehearsal studio for many of Ireland's most famous artists including U2, Van Morrison and Sinead O'Connor. Although these artists have left, the hostel still retains some of the spirit of its bygone days, with its in-house cafe Vinyl and the Hot Press Irish Music Hall of Fame just across the street. All modern hostel facilities are available including Internet access, free hot showers and bed linen, TV room, fax service, phone, self-catering facilities, and secure valuables and luggage storage. Prices vary greatly depending on the season, so call for a quotation. Whether you have just a few days in Dublin or are hoping to base yourself here permanently. They can provide good nightly and weekly rates with breakfast and linen included. As of now there cheapest price per room is around 61 euro per night but they have a very wide range of prices. Visit their website here.

Barnacles is about as budget as you can get in the Dublin city centre. Even so, this centrally-located hostel stands out. The rooms are simple and all have en-suite showers, and despite being small, they are certainly clean. There is a large TV/sitting room with an open fire and bright, comfortable furniture. This spot is very popular with backpackers and located right in Temple Bar, where most of Dublin's nightlife can be found. It's a great place to meet fellow travellers. There is also a communal kitchen available for self-catering.For Singles it from 15 euro to the most 48 euro(rugby season) a night. You can check out the website here.

The Shack restaurant has two locations: one across from Dublin Castle (close to the Jury's Christchurch Inn) and the other in Temple Bar. Both aim to please those in search of an "Old World" atmosphere and mostly Irish food. Bacon and cabbage or "Shack-style" prawns are always on the menu, as well as the odd enchilada, steak, or seabass, sambuca and fennel. The interior is suitably decorated, with antique pine and wood furnishings and a welcoming turf fire. Candlelit dinners are a speciality of the house. All at great prices too. Visit their website here.

Johnnie Fox's prides itself on being "the highest pub in Ireland". A trip up the Dublin mountains to this pub should certainly give you the chance to immerse yourself in Irish culture. It also happens to have won the Egon Ronay "Best Food Award Winner" for four years running, as well as the "James Joyce Pub Award". The atmosphere is everything you'd want in a traditional Irish pub and - despite the traditional choice of ingredients - the food is better than you'd think. A little more expensive but the food looks fantastic. They also have 'Hooley Night' a show filled with dancing music and food, it important that you make a reservation for this show and for dinner also. Visit their website here.

Refresh your mind and soul with a visit to the National Gallery of Ireland, with its superb collection of European masterpieces. British, Dutch, Flemish, French, Italian, German and Spanish schools are all well represented, while the Yeats Room is a fantastic tribute to the work of this most creative of Irish families. The National Gallery also features a recently opened multimedia facility boasting touchscreen information on every exhibit. The café and bookstore on the ground floor are pleasant places to visit after taking in the gallery's many attractions. Also a plus admission is free. Visit their website here.

Ardgillan Castle Garden, this 18th-century castle and garden was built by the Dean of Clonfert in 1738 and boasts superb views of the Dublin coastline and countryside. Now furnished and restored in Victorian style, Ardgillan houses a permanent exhibition of 17th-century Down Survey maps of Ireland. The garden features a conservatory and rose garden, including sections for herbs, vegetables and Irish plants. Rumours abound that there's also a ghost on the premises! Visit their website here.

St. Patrick's is one of two Anglican cathedrals in Dublin. It is built on the site where St Patrick is said to have baptized converts to Christianity. St Patrick's Cathedral, in its present state, was constructed in 1192, replacing an original wooden chapel. The main attractions in St Patrick's are the tombs of Jonathan Swift and his lover in the nave. The cathedral also contains the longest medieval nave in Ireland, and a stone slab, engraved with a Celtic cross, that covers the well from which St Patrick baptized the converts. The adjoining garden is a welcome oasis in this densely built-up district of the city. Visit their website here.

Dublin Castle symbolised English rule for 700 years, ever since the Anglo-Normans built their fortress on this site. Later, the castle was to serve as the headquarters of the English-appointed Viceroy of Ireland. It was not until 1922 that it was finally handed over to the Irish Free State. Guided tours include the palatial State Apartments of the castle. Historical items of interest include a throne donated by King William of Orange and a variety of banners of the now-disbanded Knights of St Patrick. The Castle is very much a working series of buildings: it is used for State functions, and many government agencies are based here. There is a great deal for the visitor to see, including the Chapel Royal, the formal gardens, the Crypt Theatre and the splendid Chester Beatty Museum. In all ways, an essential visit. Visit their website here.
Adults €4.50 Students / Senior Citizens €3.50 Children under 12 years €2.00

Alternative Tour of Chapel Royal & Undercroft(This takes place when the State Apartments are not available.)
Adults €3.50 Students / Senior Citizens €2.00 Children under 12 years Free

Old Jameson Distillery If whiskey is your poison, get ready to indulge to your heart's content. After the educational tour of the distillery, and your careful attention to the historical overview, retire to the in-house pub and make a little whiskey history of your own. There's also a restaurant with fixed price menus for lunch and dinner.
Guided tour is 6.50 euro
Full tutored whiskey tasting, complete with taste comparisons, is an additional 6 euro
Visit their website here.

A popular venue for both Irish and international bands, the Temple Bar Music Centre also features a great bar, and its glass façade makes the venue an ideal place for a relaxing drink. Very popular with students, the centre features club nights most evenings, and also regularly plays host to Saturday afternoon gigs, showcasing emerging new Irish talent. Visit their website here.

The recently refurbished Powerscourt Townhouse is one of the classier shopping centres in town, favoured by upwardly mobile types and those who enjoy the finer things in life. This centre is exclusive, luxurious and designer-orientated, with several interesting restaurants and a glass-roofed atrium used for recitals, jazz evenings and fashion shows. The key tenant in Powerscourt is the excellent Design Centre, which showcases the best Irish designers; it has recently been joined by branches of French Connection and Karen Millen, as well as several excellent cafes. The shops stock the latest trends in fashion, jewellery and Irish crafts. Visit their website here.

This charming boutique is crammed with unique and stylish designs by owners Glynis Robins and Cathy Roden. Their personal interest is in knitwear, but they stock all kinds of other delights, including jewellery, original outfits, beautiful bags and unusual objects d'art. Be sure to check out Cathy Roden's handmade velvet bags, which are perfect for that special event. Dalkey Design Company. Visit their website here.

OK I hope everyone enjoyed their "trip" to Dublin for more information or Dublin and Ireland visit "Visit Ireland" or "Travel Channel/Dublin"
Come Join Me in Scottland Next Post As We Make Our Way Through Europe
(I feel just like Samantha Brown)


Elizabeth said...

Wow, this post is fantastic!

Ireland is a beautiful country. I went for a short visit there a few years ago, and loved it. I'm glad you're having fun!

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