Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Melissa Knit Dress $19.80

Fab Colorblock Dress $13.50

Diamond Whimsy Satin Dress $17.99

Sable Jeweled Satin Dress $18.24

Meryl Strapless Knit Dress $9.99

Draped Dress $13.99

Well New Year's Eve is tomorrow and I figured that a party dress post would be in order. An added plus is that they are all under $20 from Forever 21 cause come on who really has money right now. Well hope everyone has a good New Years.

Also check out this article about the weird things that towns drop while some of these things are unusual I can't say anything because we drop a giant crab!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fashion Trends My Way

$34.99 Urban Outfitters (Florals)
$48 Urban Outfitters(Does this count as plaid)

$22.80 Forever 21 (Jeweled/Rich tones)

Urban Outfitters $19.99 (Prep School Chic)
So basically this is my idea of some great fall/winter trends presented my way. My favorite would have to be the jewel/rich tones although I was looking for a more rich purple I couldn't really find a good example. I have been eyeing the purple urban shirt for a while and now that's its on sale I might go snag it. So I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I figured I should give my list of what I got because I know you guys are just dying to know haha...
1.) A webcam so I can chat with my dad
2.) A digital picture frame because I am like a proud grandparent when it comes to pics of my brothers and sisters
3.) An awesome picture of Audrey Hepburn to hang over my wall
4.) A large sum of money
5.) $45 worth of itunes cards(much appreciated)
6.) A great twilight poster
7.) A pedi egg, yes it is just as nasty as the commercial but does work pretty well
8.) A froggy flash drive
9.) My cellphone bill paid for two months
10.) And because we are at 10 and I don't want to sound like anymore of a spoiled brat(I promise I'm not) and I don't want to bore you to death I will stop
Well guys I promise to post more I still have 9 days left of break so expect some posts fashion I promise also some more with my new best friend........EBAY!!
Ps any other family member who is reading this and your gift wasn't mentioned please do not distress they were all fantastic but I figured down to the last nail file would be a little excessive

Monday, December 22, 2008

What about santa's cookies? I suppose parents eat those too?

"A Year Without Sana Clause" has to be my favorite Christmas movie well between that and "Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys". Well i am sorry this post isn't very fashion forward. Although from my last post I did buy that "smashbox photo finisher foundation primer" for a cool $12.67 nice considering in stores its $36. Well I am going to go dabble on facebook. Before i forget the above quote is from Elf its not just random its because I have been making cookies all day!!!

I am going to leave you with this little my version of the MasterCard commercial

Knife to scrap chocolate/peanut butter mixture off the counter: $0

Neosporen to help heal the burn suffered from peppermint bark: $0

The look on your neighbors face as you are using a hammer to break candy canes into tiny pieces. Then hitting the same finger you burnt with the hammer and screaming unintelligible words: Priceless

Bye guys!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Checking Off My List

Burberry scarf $90 at Neiman Marcus
(I actually managed to find an authentic one on ebay for much cheaper)

Smashbox photo finish primer $36
(on ebay for around $10 with shipping)

Magnifique perfume $48 on a perfume discount site

So that's pretty much it I found most of it on ebay so that means about half the actual price! Well I am going to go mourn some more after a sad cowboys lost I mean come on sill Romo passes are for Teammates!! Have a great rest of the weekend hopefully I will be back soon!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You Had a Bad Day

Yes so my phone got stolen today my brand new phone and its been pouring and cold all day, I was late to school its just a mess!! But as I write this I feel so selfish being upset look at all the kids in the world who have nothing. I think instead of being upset I am going to take up some time on FreeRice.com. I will say one thing what makes me so made is that it was probably someone who thought I was gullible which I am. It really makes you question the world today. People gave Oprah a lot of grief over building he school in Africa instead of America but she was right, here we all want material things in other countries kids want what we take for granted every day. I think this Christmas instead of saying want want we should be saying give give. This world is already messed up enough lets not add to it. but on a positive note I went on a fantastic scavenger hunt for Young life last night it was the best 45 min through our small little town ever!! Once I can blot peoples faces I will post some pics!!

bye guys

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Open House


Beaded charm Necklace $5.80

Fab Knot Front Dress $10.51

Sequin Frame Tote $7.50

Richie Platform Pumps $19.50


Rebecca Holiday Bracelet $19.50

Volatile Cosmo Heel $79.50

Jenny Argyle V-Neck $22.50

Corey Low-Rise Flare $39.50

So here are some party outfit ideas for all those holiday functions everyone has whether a family dinner or a little cocktail party. I figure I will also do another instalment of this post and then work on Holiday ones for some reason Christmas just came so fast this year that I am just not in the Christmas spirit yet. Well hopefully you will see another post before the end of the weekend only one more week until Christmas break!!!

bye guys

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Don't Be Blue

Kimichi Blue Lace Applique Back Dress $68

Silence & Noise Amethyst Dress $68
Kimichi Blue Knit Contrast Trim Dress $34.99

Kimichi Blue Knit Lace Shoulder Dress $58
Kimichi Blue Strapless Chiffon Dress $68

Silence & Noise Strapless Dress $58

Kimichi Blue Embroidered V Neck Kimono Dress $47.99

Juliet Dress $78

So I was on Urban Outfitters looking for some stuff and a great idea popped into my head a great blue holiday dress. So I headed over to the dress page and found these great blue holiday party dresses. I finally got my new phone and I am in love its the quickfire from AT&T I couldn't even put it down yesterday after 3 years of pre paid phones it was nice to actually not have to worry about if I was going to run out of minutes by texting or whatever. We are planning to decorate for Christmas today its crazy that it is coming up so fast. so my schedule isn't too bad next week just working on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday oh and i can't forget boot camp on Tuesday I missed it last week because of I was sick. Well hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

See you guys soon

Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Raining................ Rain Boots?

Sporto Drizzle $54.50

Chooka Metropolitan $47.50

Emu Welly $47.50

Emilo Pucci $139.50

Chooka Starboard Anchor $39.99

Sporto Drizzle $54.50

So Piperlime is having a sale this week on rain boots, check it out.

Some Things Everyone Needs In Their Closet: Dresses

The Statement/Floral Dress

The Little Black Dress
$68-online only

The Summer Dress

The Sweater Dress

The Party Dress

All of these dresses are from Urban Outfitters because I hadn't done anything from Urban in a while. Of course these are just examples so don't hold to to a T. I work a lot this week but I have some pre-made posts that will pop up from time to time.

Hope everyone has a good rest of their weekend!


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Some Things Everyone Needs In Their Closet:Tops




White Tee
Tops are very hard to do because of how different everyone is and how many choices there are. So sorry there isn't much variety. I am hoping to get done my Dress STENITC by Sunday and have it posted because the holidays are coming up faster then I was thinking I mean Thanksgiving is already over! I am not so sure I am ready for the craziness. So did anyone go Black Friday Shopping? I was going to but I ended up going to my dad;s instead and I am not sorry did you hear about the Walmart worker who was trampled to death or the other injured it makes me so sad that we live in such an inconsiderate nation. In other news I am getting a phone and I need help its from Verizon so I need some help which phones do you guys have? Well I am off we have another thanksgiving feast to go to at 6:00 and I am hoping to run by the outlets because thanks to Boot Camp my pants no longer fit and keep falling down. Yeah for exercise!
Bye have a great rest of your weekend!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some Things Everyone Needs In Their Closet: Bottoms

The Denim Skirt
great with leggings or by themselves
old navy: $15.00

The Flared Jean
can be dressed up or down
old navy:$34.50

The Skinny Jean
great in every way
old navy: $34.50

The Plain Skirt
looks good with everything
Gap: $27.99

The Khakis
dressy or casual
Gap: $49.50

The Black Pencil Skirt
Audrey Hepburn anyone?
Forever 21: $17.80

Yes, I know that the captions underneath are corny and dumb but whatever I am watching a 16 month old while doing this so give me some slack your lucky they don't say "Don't climb on that!" or "NOOOO Not Again!!!". So I figured I would start a new post sequence until the holiday posts start, entitled "Some Things Everyone Needs In Their Closet". Basically, basics I think everyone should have. Well I should have up another post tomorrow probably STENITC: Tops or maybe Dresses I haven't decided. So my thanksgiving break officially started today thanks to my wonderful mom who let me stay home since I had nothing to do in school today and after I had missed the bus. Well hopefully all is well for all of you lovely bloggers.

Bye Guys!