Thursday, August 30, 2007


And I wanted to go back to school why? I'm done I have more classes and more works and if I have to say Hi, yeah, I wasn't here the last couple days, no I'm not new, yes I was here last year, and no I am a real person I will die. I can barley type what is it with teachers giving 50 million papers for you and your parent to sign and now you have to start giving details about your self like fave movie , t.v show and type of music like the teachers really car (well most of them anyway). Its a short post but I can't type anymore, so I will leave you with


wearing: purple and gray striped shirt(Tommy H.) and old navy jeans
Thinking: I need a nap
Reading: Count the stars (L.A) and The headless Cupid (E&I) my school is lacking on good books
Wish I had:The new coach purse she who must not be named now has may I point out she has every designer purse known to man(exageration) no I'm not bitter, how could u think that
Hate: Parent, student questionare and signature
Love: Quiet time

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm A Sucker For Old T.V

O.K well with me being home again today, tomorrow I will be going back to school finally. So I have been reading W, Teen Vogue and fashion rocks and watching T.V, yeah when I go back to school there will be no brain cells left. Anyway Tyra was boring and who really watches Dr. Keith Ablow, there were no good movies on HBO so I flicked to TV land which I do from time to time. Well after 2 episodes of I love Lucy. I logged on and was deciding on what I would post, Green Acres came on.I love the theme song, it is my story minus the whole husband moving wife to country. It is more like Parents moving kid to country and sadly I am not from New York but other wise the song is me."Darling I love ya but give me park avenue" is my favorite line.This episode is about young people leaving the farms to move to the city. So the population goes down to 46 but the highest population was 60 in "Hooterville"hearing that made my town sound like NYC. Let me remind you that I was moved(I mean dragged) to a place that has a little more then 3 time less people than where I used to live. Well I have a microwave beeping saying my heated up noodles ready.

Some new things I'm adding to the posts(well some of them)


Wearing: Old Navy plaid(I know its growing on me) pj pants and a Gap cotton tank top
Thinking: I'm bored and the microwave is getting on my nerves
Reading: Gossip Girl, Would I lie To You
Wish I had: The outfit Eva Gabor is wearing in this episode
Love: Old T.V
Hate: "Dr." talk shows

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Not enough brain circulation to think of a good title

OK well today I should have started school but with the other happenings (see You don't have to worry about back to school when...for further details) going on I am not. Today so far I have woken up, took my brother to his bus stop and went out to Denny's for breakfast. Then my aunt dropped me off and took my little brother with her for a nap. So here I am alone (Thank God) and blogging about my just Blah day so far. I swear I sat looking at my back round on my computer for ten minutes, before I logged on, wishing I could be there walking up the street to shop(my back round is cabs zooming down on what looks like 5th avenue in NYC). Today is going t be a boring day. I mite post again tonite after reading my new W magazine that will hopefully give some inspiration for a good post.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


O.K I bought these shoes the other day, but in white. I mean the same style same brand and same jewels on the top of the shoes. Sadly I was going to buy this exact pair( let me make clear they are 100 times brighter in real life) until my aunt made me realize I was crazy to get them and since she help me pay for them it was her decision too. I couldn't borrow a camera so pictures of my shopping excursion have yet to be posted. I got the shoes 50% off too.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Chip And Pepper

I love Chip and Pepper. I have since there "Look For Less" days, that show on the Style network. So i was ecstatic when i found out they have done a line for J.C Penny. I would show you the awesome hoodie but am too tired to look for a good picture. I am going school shopping after volunteering a the animal shelter today. I think J.C Penny will get a visit from moi today. Sorry for the random not much to do with back to school post but the whole school situation I posted about is stressing me out.

I'll probably post what I on today's shopping trip, tomorrow

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Why Worry About Back To School When......

You Don't Have One!

O.k well here's the scoop, I moved from a city to a small town last November ,I was thrilled
(Sarcasm: harsh or bitter derision or irony, a sharply ironical taunt;sneering or cutting remark). So I changed schools, well I hated my new one and most people in it.So in early March I went to look at a Private school because my school is the only public Jr. high in the area.Well I got accepted to go there, but things came up so going there this year was out of the question and I was planning on grinning and bearing it at the public school.Well one of my friends called me and asked about my schedule and I realized I hadn't gotten one. So my mom called the school to see if I hadn't gotten it yet because we moved and they didn't get our address. Come to find out the private school took all my records so the public school withdrew me without me knowing. So in order for me to re- register I have to wait for my mema(sorta like my grandma but not by blood) to get back from vacation to prove we rent the house from her. That's all good but she doesn't get back till Monday night school starts Tuesday and registering takes 1 to 2 days to finalize so ill miss like the first three days of school. I know no big deal but i haven't had a normal school year in like two years with moving.Ugh so to end it all i mite go to the Private school in the end.

Could you answer me this: Why does life never go as planned?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Back to school, Part 3.....Jeans

O.K finding a good range of jeans in one picture is hard work. So as Wide Leg jeans are the new Skinny jeans and Skinnys were the new Bootleg and Bootleg was the new Flare, am I confusing you because I'm confused. Jeans go in and out all the time. So why not get your style. If you like Wide Leg stay with Wide Leg if your Bootleg stay with Bootleg and so on. I spent alot of money on a pair of black Skinny jeans and I feel like i can't where them because their "out of style".

My point: Stick to your jean style and i mean stick to it, Blog Readers(sorry for that phrase in a harry potter mood).

Friday, August 10, 2007

Vacation All I Ever Wanted......Had To Get Away....

O.K well not that exotic of a beach pictured above but still a vacation is still a vacation. I'm headed for North Carolina tomorrow, to a house right on the beach, can anyone say heaven. Well after a like 100 hour drive I will be there due to the fact that were driving with:
1). A new baby cousin who eats every 2 hours
2). An Aunt who can't travel without stopping at least every hour to pee(to much info)
3). An awful cousin and 2 brothers who annoy me all the time but now trapped in a car with them for forever
Aren't I lucky! Oh yeah and were leaving before 7 a.m. I haven't seen 7 a.m for months. Oh well hopefully the beach makes up for it .I'm ready for a break.
C ya on August 18
I'm of to buy magazines and lots of caffeine for tomorrow

BTW: I will continue Back to School when I return

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Back to school, Part 2

I really like shirt dresses. As everyone knows you always have those kinda half dressy half causal occasions when school starts and all thourgh the year. So this dress is dressy but causal at the same time. But shirt dresses don't just have to be for special ocassions.I think a dress like this would make a great impression any time. I haven't gotton to back to school shopping yet but a shirt dress will definitly be on my list.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Back to school, Part 2 If you have to........

Well I've said it before so I'll say it again, I don't like plaid. As it is what the magazines claim"pattern of the minute". Here is a tasteful way of using this trend, and who am I to say No Plaid its your opinion not mine. But with all that said I do like this jacket and I would wear it so maybe i don't hate plaid, that much. But horrors of plaid uniform jumpers tend to haunt me. O.k my English teacher would kill me for this post, But at the beginning of a sentence probably a missed period somewhere I tend to forget them and use run on sentences all the time (exhibit A). But(he he) I have to go hold my baby cousin before they leave.

So until next time,

your run on sentence, period forgetting, KiKi

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Back to school, Part 1

Okay, well instead of doing one big Back to School post I've decided to do it in parts, so on with the post.

I love flats!! You can't go wrong with having at least a simple black pair in your shoe wardrobe. These above are a super cute pair from Nine West. I couldn't find an exact price on these but my black pair from the Nine West Outlet, on sale were about $40 so I'm guessing around $60 for these. Whether their from Nine West or Walmart flats still a must have for back to school.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Potter Puppet Pals!

I have fallen in love with Potter Puppet Pals. I was on You Tube the other day and it had me laughing so hard it hurt. I love Harry Potter, but these spins on it are great. You can go to You Tube and type in Potter Puppet Pals to see all the funny skits and peoples take on them.

BTW: Next post will be about things for back to school.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Breakfast at Tiffanys

Yes i know we all love the movie, but i have to say that i would have every piece of jewelry Tiffany's offered me(for free) because well their almost sky high with prices, its more money for a silver phone dialer then $10 anymore(sorry love the movie hence icon picture). But i like silver more then gold so this necklace above I would kill for(figure of speech)he he. With its classy style and the fact that it has been around for years this necklace it perfect.