Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Good Book And A Hill Or Cliff Somewhere In Scotland

I wasn't in the posting mode but then I stumbled across some pictures I had saved on my computer of Scotland , no I didn't go there I just had wanted a pretty screen saver onetime. But these picture make me want to plop my butt down on a grassy hill and read for forever and a day. Hopefully I will feel more blog-hearted tomorrow and will write a better post. Just tell me what you think of the pictures.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

In The Chirstmas Spirit About A Month Early

Yum Holiday Starbucks coffee

Rudolph chapsticks from Fred flare

Serendipity Hot/Cold chocolate found also at Fred flare

Snowman kit or snow women rather also from Fred Flare

Magical Grow Christmas Tree from Fred Flare
Well last night we were watching that Christmas movie from last year called "Deck the Halls" the movie with Danny Devito and Mathew Broderick in it about the guy who wants his house to be seen from space. It was cute I wouldn't have spent the money for it in theaters but for $3.99 on pay-per-view it was a good deal. Well anyway watching it really got me in the Christmas mood so I figured I'd post some fun Christmas things. It is after Thanksgiving and the stores have had Christmas stuff since like Halloween so I figured why not. I'm thinking about just doing a Christmas list in sporadic parts over the month of December to save you guys from a long boring post that makes me look like the spoiled kid I'm not. So did any of you brave "Black Friday". Well if the allowance machine didn't run out at the age of 10 and it wasn't illegal to have a job then I would have gone shopping too. I really don't get it I can volunteer my but off but can't have an actual "job" I mean what is cleaning and feeding and doing the jobs of the caretakers at the animal shelter really anyway. I am going to have a nice relaxing day before I have to go back to school on Monday. Yeah more E&I and P.E I can't wait!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Must Haves

I love belts and with the cut white dress the looks goes together

Christan Dior(shoe greatness)

I love this whole entire look

I love this Coach purse because it doesn't scream "I'm A Coach Bag"

Wonderful Dior purse

These things would make my wardrobe but unfortunately they are all way...... to expensive.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

You need it, its in your shopping cart you have you credit card at the ready, then you see the price

Well over at Urban decay I fell in love with this Swiss Glamour Survival Kit, I mean whats not to love. Limited addition Paul Frank sunglasses, over $125 worth of Urban decay makeup. Its the perfect gift. The catch, when they say limited they say limited only 750 of these kits were made in the whole world and urban is the only place you can get them online. Of course for the big catch well not a catch but a turner offer if that is a word is well as always the price, $299. Well not bad for what you get but me with only a few pennies to my name cant really even dream of getting this. I figured I would copy the description from the site..
"Sure, Paul Frank is your friend, but here at Urban Decay, Paul Frank is also our neighbor. Lucky us! Recently, they invited us to help them create this super cute kit. Why is it called the “Swiss Glamour Camping Kit”? Well, when you’re camping in the Swiss Alps (because so many of us often do), it’s handy to have all your necessities in one place. And when we say “necessities”, we mean sunglasses, makeup, & a color-coordinated travel case.The Swiss Glamour Camping Kit is a Limited Edition – only 750 are available in the whole world – & we’re the only place you can get one online. Each kit contains: Super sexy, oversized, limited edition Paul Frank sunglasses. Available in burgundy with gold trim or cream with silver trim. These specs are top-quality, hand made, & individually numbered. Over $125 in Urban Decay Cosmetics! Our best-selling makeup essentials: Eyeshadows in Midnight Cowboy, Shattered, & Twice Baked; 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils in Lucky & Electric; Baked Bronzer in Toasted; XXX Shine Lip Gloss in Naked; & Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Pyrotechnics. Paul Frank Travel Bag.The case measures about 8” x 11” x 3” closed, & unfolds to reveal a detachable mirror, hard sunglasses case, & zip pouch, plus two zip compartments, slots for pencils & brushes, & a hook to hang the whole thing on the nearest tree branch. Get your limited addition bag now."
I love how the price fits so small under the description they should give you he price first that way people can move on with their lives instead of salivating over a "kit" they can never have.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Audrey Sophia Has Entered The Building

Well shes here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Audrey Sophia
birth weight: 7lbs 7 oz
Birth height: 19 inches
Birth time: 12:21pm
Hair: tons of it and deep black color

Shes is really tiny and fragile looking I will have tons of pictures when I get off my butt and upload them

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Well my mom is having the baby tomorrow. I'm so nervous! This baby is going to be the best dressed baby in town more like world well Maddox is at least going to have competition. As soon as I can dig out my dress forms and sewing supplies I can finally start designing again. I am watching TV and I just saw an advertisement for the complete Gilmore Girls last season DVD. Well Blockbuster will be getting a visit from me in the near future. My grandma is here so I better get off the computer soon. Its raining again this morning I was soaked clean through I didn't get all the way dry til lunch.
Bye I might post tomorrow but I'm not sure

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fashion is Way Of Expressing Youself

I love trenches

I would definitely wear this outfit

I would wear this in an instant trow on my aviators and I'd be ready
to go

Ah theese are the Christian Louboutins I could never afford

This is cuter blown up I think it is by Saks too

This model looks like one of the Bratz on crack but the coat is nice

This is from Saks its real cute, but I didn't check the price

This model looks deranged what did she just get off a 3 year tour to Africa and this is what she wore, and if you zoom on on the her hands you can she every bone and vein in both of her hands.
Hi well I have a very annoying mother talking to me while I have been posting so I will try to write a longer post in more peace tomorrow.
PS- like the title I was leaning toward an Audrey Hepburn quote but I figured you guys got too many of them from me lately. And yes I know it is chessy and doesn't really go with the post. It was the first thing that poped into my head can you blame me.
your randomness,

Monday, November 12, 2007

Serendipity Hot Chocolate If You Please

Well it is getting colder so why not post about the wonderful lovable Serendipity Hot/Cold Chocolate.

Yum....... with 27 mmm's I stole that from someone oh well who cares. Well I think I need some hot chocolate right now or something sweat. Well bye sorry for the short post. Oh I almost forgot The Weekly Blogette won my Quote Contest go to her blog it is great.

Well bye by next time I post I could have a new baby sister well that's the laundry bye.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mysterious Very Mysterious

Well if you read my last post I said and I quote(from memory don't hold me on it) that "The word around town is that tomorrow is Thanksgiving tune in tomorrow to find out what I mean." Well here's your answer my mom is having a c-section on Friday and will not be out of the hospital until Wednesday night or Thursday morning and my mema is going out of town on Thursday so we all decided on having Thanksgiving tonite that way we were all together. Sweet right, well we try (when were not fighting). Also with the busy week coming up be prepared for some shorter post and some posts like "What About Her" like i did about a month ago also quote contests and things like that. I mean having a baby in the house is going to be hard ha and I'm not even the mother. I'm going to do a little quote contest whoever guesses the correct answer will get major props next post,

"You know what's wrong with you, Miss Whoever-you-are? You're chicken, you've got no guts. You're afraid to stick out your chin and say, "Okay, life's a fact, people do fall in love, people do belong to each other, because that's the only chance any body's got for real happiness." You call yourself a free spirit, a "wild thing," and you're terrified some body's gonna stick you in a cage. Well baby, you're already in that cage. You built it yourself. And it's not bounded in the west by Tulip, Texas, or in the east by Somali-land. It's wherever you go. Because no matter where you run, you just end up running into yourself. "

This is a long quote but I think you guys can get it just tell me what movie its from **hint**the movie was made in 1961

Friday, November 9, 2007

As Fred Says Flare is Never A Bad Thing

This is cute but maybe a little to many stripes for me($44)

I really like these but I don't know if I could pull them off($10)

This is fun I really like it but again with the pulling off thing

I love this it's kitsch I hope I used that word right
not being at school has dumbed me up a bit

I probably couldn't hit the ping pong ball to save my life but the set is neat
Ah well sorry for the dumb title please forgive me. The Waterfowlers have poured into own and downtown is completely shutdown and the hotels and restaurants are packed. Now the town actually has people in it can you believe I sure can because the geese have gone amuck and all I hear is squawking. Well I would have loved to posted all of the cool winter stuff I found at Fred Flare but I just couldn't bring myself to do it but of course that 43 days sign or says it all Christmas is coming. Well I my mom is scheduled for a c section on the 16Th yup a week away I'm going to die I am so not ready. But yeah I'm not like going to have a breakdown or anything I mean I'm fine I tell you fine. Breathe.. ah yes better now. Well I hope my fellow bloggers are having a nice weekend while I'm stuck in Hillbilly Heaven or maybe it should be the other way down.
P.s- Please read my last post if you haven't tis the season as they say and every little bit helps and giving some joy to people who don't have it is a good thing
Well there is the fire bell a loud bell that goes all over town to tell the firefighters they need to come in it goes off every time it rains and yup I here raindrops maybe I'll go play a Breakfast At Tiffany's and find and kiss my true love,it would be the cat( you laughed OK maybe not). Yes if life were like the movies, well old ones at least.
Bye people oh yeah and word around town is that tomorrow is "Thanksgiving" tune in tomorrow for what I mean,
I might not be gossip girl but I always leave you hanging
Admit it your already falling for me
I have to stop reading those books my God I'm going to become one of them

Thursday, November 8, 2007

She's A Giver And You Can Be One Too

Hi people I'm sorry for not posting but Monday I had no time. Tuesday I was sick along with my little brothers their 4 , 6 and sick (the doctors office wasn't sorry to see us go), whats really funny is that its an Urgent Care office but they also do botox and blu light, chemical peels and the whos who of cosmetic procedures. Oh yeah and they specialize in taking out fishing hooks out of people's skin. Wednesday I went out with my mema and Little cousin and then watched some of the CMAs not that I'm a huge country fan but its kind of a tradition, I used to love county music there is tons of pictures of me when I was like 5 acting out Shaina Twain. Its a 4 day weekend thank God for hunting season. Yes we celebrate the Waterfowl this weekend by putting on the Waterfowl Festival. It also marks the beginning of hunting season I'm already sick of geese squawking or what ever they do there goes a pack or school whatever its called of geese now. I'm staying inside and away from the madness this weekend. Back to the CMAs I really like Taylor Swift but I hate to say she didn't preform fantastically last night but on the other hand Miranda Lambert was indeed fantastic. And now to the reason for the title well on Wednesday me and mema an Samantha went to the store to fill their box for operation Christmas Child which is where you fill up a shoe box for a child which gets sent to a foreign county here's the link to its a great way to give even if you don't have much money the collection days are November 12-19 the site will give you the closest drop off place near you its normally a church. Also you could try which helps you prepare and decide what and who you can give to one of the soider's in Iraq. Tis the season to be giving also I told myself I would do this sooner but here is another site I found out about last month its called which by just playing a simple word game you can help donate thousands of grains of rice through United Nations. If you have any other good charity sites or have done some charity work let me know sorry for the lack of pictures but my computer is acting slow.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

I need HPAA seriously

Underneath in case you can't read it is says
(I just saved you 4 hours and $30)

I for one always trusted Snape well after some harsh words

I support S.P.E.W or Society Promoting Elfish Welfare

I do speak parseltongue actually he he

I would have killed someone but I did read the first sentence that they posted on Mugglenet (they didn't mean it they thought it was fake and I highlighted it to see it they are not bad people)
Wow I love these shirts. But BTW HPAA means Harry Potter Addicts Anonymous seriously I listen to the podcasts on mugglenet and everything and have a mugglenet interactive account sad but true. I've read every book at least 3 times except 7 which I've read twice. I have seen every movie and went to the 5Th movie midnight premiere. Well my weekend was good and I think I might start reading Deathly Hallows again. Oh yeah who cares if Dumbledore is gay so what. Anyway bye.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Tired,Wiped and need Friday

$14 love this and Holly but this is maybe too gaudy

$54 for these hot heels

$80 cute jacket (just a tad expensive)

$24 cute Cherry Blossom watch locket

I'm so tired, wiped and can't wait till tomorrow. Friday all I ever wanted needed the weekend not the exact words but they'll do. Any way the past week has gone well not fast but at a speedy rate and I have not posted very good due to pure laziness I suppose. But I plan to revive my self tonite with my list if my top 5 things I want and/or need at the moment from Fred Flare.