Sunday, November 25, 2007

In The Chirstmas Spirit About A Month Early

Yum Holiday Starbucks coffee

Rudolph chapsticks from Fred flare

Serendipity Hot/Cold chocolate found also at Fred flare

Snowman kit or snow women rather also from Fred Flare

Magical Grow Christmas Tree from Fred Flare
Well last night we were watching that Christmas movie from last year called "Deck the Halls" the movie with Danny Devito and Mathew Broderick in it about the guy who wants his house to be seen from space. It was cute I wouldn't have spent the money for it in theaters but for $3.99 on pay-per-view it was a good deal. Well anyway watching it really got me in the Christmas mood so I figured I'd post some fun Christmas things. It is after Thanksgiving and the stores have had Christmas stuff since like Halloween so I figured why not. I'm thinking about just doing a Christmas list in sporadic parts over the month of December to save you guys from a long boring post that makes me look like the spoiled kid I'm not. So did any of you brave "Black Friday". Well if the allowance machine didn't run out at the age of 10 and it wasn't illegal to have a job then I would have gone shopping too. I really don't get it I can volunteer my but off but can't have an actual "job" I mean what is cleaning and feeding and doing the jobs of the caretakers at the animal shelter really anyway. I am going to have a nice relaxing day before I have to go back to school on Monday. Yeah more E&I and P.E I can't wait!!


Emma said...

very x-mas it makes me want to snuggle up by the fire =) lol

EvaAmarri said...

hey just stumbled across ur site. Maybe u can stumble across mine lol. Check me out

alexgirl said...

I am in total agreement!!!! I love xmas and all that comes with it. Those fred flare chapsticks are totally adorable stocking stuffers!