Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Who's that girl smacking on the lip gloss

Hey guys remember me!
So everyone its been almost a year since my last post and lets just say many things have changed. The people in my life, my tastes, my goals and even my looks, I am going for the straight instead of curly look with my hair now in case you were wondering. Most of all school has changed this year I was so busy. I used to read just for fun but now I'm required for a book report every month. While taking college classes in high school which is actually challenging who would have thought haha... not me in the beginning of the year. Well I am determined to come back to blogging not just for enjoyment but for my career. Journalism is leaning more towards the Internet and I need experience and whats better then a blog that I love. Speaking of learning if any of you know about any good internships for summer involving journalism your info would be greatly appreciated. So as for changes to this blog I think I am going to focus on everything but of course fashion a lot too because its an important part of my life. Thanks guys