Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Know You Heard It A Million Times

... But it's hard to believe the parents were ugly. Yes I know I've been an awful blogger lately things have been crazy at least to my standards. I really want these shoes as you guys know I'm not much of a tennis shoe person so winter is hard. The down fall they ain't cheep at $50. Still a Christmas gift? So bye guys I'm listening to Hilary Duff and A-teens, reliving my childhood haha.

Bye guys


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Did someone say “economic meltdown”?

After reading this article in the NY Times tonight I knew I had to do a post on it.

Yes if the only thing you knew about the country was based on our movies and TV shows you would have no clue we were in an economic crumble. We have the rich and spoiled plastered over our favorite TV shows and book. Who can really resist ready Gossip Girl books and reading about all of their shopping sprees and parties with their who really cares attitude. I'm not a fan of the show but I know people adore it. Along with the Clique books too I mean a private school with no uniforms and a Starbucks in their school I mean come on, I know granted sometimes you really do just want to be like this is so fake but you get so caught up in it. "Young fans of such screen fantasies seem to remain fixated on the acquisitive habits, social conventions and moral iniquities of their super-rich fictional contemporaries. In “Schooled,” Anisha Lakhani’s acidic narrative about an Upper East Side private school, swarms of seventh graders at a party kick off their high heels before descending on the dance floor. The narrator, who is their English teacher, regards the pile of footwear with a mixture of censure and awe: “Hard to believe, but there they lay, Jimmy Choos, Manolo Blahniks, Giuseppe Zanottis and Christian Louboutins — the abandoned shoes of 12-year-old girls.”" as quoted by the NY Times. Yes as the real world struggles we love seeing the life of the privileged, even if we do it just to envy them.

I have been so busy with yearbook that I haven't gotten much of a chance to post. I will more then likely have a post up on Saturday afternoon with stuff from spirit week

Bye everybody

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Look For Less, Anthropologie VS. Target

Ring $138
Hoodie $148
Tee $78
Jeans $178
Scarf $38
Shoes $98

For a grand total of: $768


Scarf $12.99

Tee $7.99
Cardigan $16.99
Jeans $24.99
Necklace $29.99

Shoes $29.99

Purse $19.99 (this is an anya hindmarch for target cool, right)
For a grand total of: $142.93 and we even got an extra item
Sorry, I haven't posted in forever but things have been hectic lately. I was so excited that Anya Hindmarch is doing a line for target in case her name doesn't bring a reminder this will "I am not a plastic bag" yes the $5 bags that sold for $100's on eBay after they were sold out. Next week is Spirit Week so I will post the outfits I wear over the week. Next week should be better post wise because I have my schedule pretty good so it will probably go like this
Monday: Volunteer + Young Life Meeting (I might start Yoga too)
Tuesday: Boot camp class+ post
Wednesday: Swimming+post maybe
Thursday: interact probably
Friday: Yearbook no post because of homecoming game
Saturday: Homecoming dance if I can get a ticket
Sunday: Post
So good in no time I should have caught up on my posts!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halloween Tees

I really like these shirts because they are not the classic orange and black Halloween shirts. I think I am going to get the mummy one to where to school on Halloween. Its funny because our school colors are orange and black so it always look like Halloween at our school and we have a football game that night. Well it took me forever to come up with even this minimal post I am finally by myself and I have been looking for music for my myspace page the whole time. So i figured i should do a short post before the house is bombarded again. Have a good weekend its a three day week at school next week so look for posts!!

Have a great rest of your weekend


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Old Reliable Is Gone

Yes, my old reliable hair strengthener is dead after 4 years of work. It was my first straightener and had seen me through many bad hairstyles and was used ever day its service will never be forgotten. Yes guys Iwas pretty upset this morning but hey what can you really do it wasn't very good for my hair anyway. My friend actually told me that gold plated ones are better for your hair which my old one was like a certain type of plastic. So I went online and punched in straigthners under $20 on and got a surprising amount, all pretty good brands. It's pretty sad that I couldn't even find a picture of my old one.
Remington Wet to straight with slim Plate $22.89

Revoln Dual edge Ceramic Hair Staighhner $24.99
Conair Ceramic Hair Straightener $23.49

Select Brands Pro Straightening Iron gold $19.99

Vidal Sasson Gold professional hair straightener $17.99 (I think I am going with this one)

So guys i have a little party to go to tomorrow my aunt is having a small Halloween party for some friends and their kids. Saturday i think i might go workout but expect a post by Saturday night. also sorry for not being able to comment but hopefully i will catch up with you guys this weekend.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Lovely and Talented Marie Antoinette Is Back

"Leave it to the American Jeremy Scott to point out, as he did before his show on Tuesday night, that we are in a Marie Antoinette moment. “All anyone I know has been talking about for months is the election and the price of gas,” said the designer, who now lives in Los Angeles but who was heading home to Kansas City, Mo., to help register voters." New York Times. Yes that's right Marie Antoinette is back, like she ever left. Yes I know Jeremy Scott's comment was not related towards fashion these two looks above are defiantly looks of Ms. Antoinette herself. I am sorry I have been gone but I am just getting over being sick all last week. I promise to post more but now I have to go do make up work.
bye have a good weekend