Saturday, December 29, 2007

A New Year A New.......

Header. OK well here are the first few choices please leave a comment about which one you liked the best. After I tally up these votes than I am going to post a few more ideas for headers and have a competition between the best of each group and that winner will be the new header. I hope you don't hate this idea but hey I just coming up with this stuff as I write so give me some slack. I am going to have to wait on the Christmas gift post because I haven't opened up all my gifts yet.
I don't normally do this but please download mugglecast on itunes on zune it is hilarious even for people who hate harry potter. I'm thinking about doing a favorite, podcast and book list here in the next few posts.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Why Don't I Heed Warnings?

Meet my new baby cute isn't she, but that is entirely besides the point of this post I am mad not only at apple but at myself. I was warned months ago by the cleverest blogger herself Tru over at The Perks Of Being A Wallflower but did I heed her advice NO! Which is why this is mostly my fault. I have went on an Internet shopping spree today so I went to check my visa gift card for the balance what do I see but a $1 charge for nothing from Itunes. I know $1 that was prime shopping money my new mac lipglass is not going to pay for it self. I finally have ordered Alex Richards book, Back Talk what if that dollar charge would have stopped me from affording it. As you can see I am p- oodd which I should not be I was warned and I did not heed the advice.


I'm not all that mad and I kinda did expect it, OK I was a tad bit mad at first. But I figured you guys went a couple of days without rants from me so I filled the gap in your life you can thank me later my god I am a witch today but that is what pure laziness and online shopping do to you You Have Been Warned. Heed my advice better than I heed other peoples k.

PS I'd love share my christmas prsents with you tune in next post god tv really does warp(hehe warp) up your brain

Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays Happy Holidays Happy Hoildays

To You, What Good Is What You've Got If Your Not Having Any Fun!!!!! I don't know what annoying commercial that is from but hey I have to give them props I at least remembered the song if not the product maybe they should try, My music is my imaginary friend my music is my king sized bed My Music Is Where I like To Touch(OK the last part is sort of unnecessary but whatever)....... now that is catchy and you remember the product Ipod touch right? Oh and who can forget, IDK My BFF Jill I mean Verizon started a phenomena with that. Oh and like if they had a AARP commercial with "Crank That" by Solja Boy you know 80 year olds would be jammin. Well I just wanted to wish you a Happy And Merry Whatever You Celebrate Better Known As Holiday!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

I Have Conformed thanks To A Sad Addiction To Music

Yes this is my soon to be Christmas present well not my exact one more like some random person's I found on Google image search but same color and all so it counts. I loved my dell DJ ditty my its little musical soul rest in peace. Saturday the sad sad day is when my little ditty left me forever at least as far as I can tell. Well it started with my battery dieing so i hooked up my baby and stuck it in the USB cable on my computer and went to take pictures with Santa clause with my cousins and brothers and sister. I came home and it would not turn on my beloved ditty was gone. I tried to save it I tried everything I knew but it would not even register that it was hooked up to my computer. I called my dad the technical genius(sarcastic) of the family. He didn't comfort me or tell me what was wrong but surprised me with "how would you like and Ipod nano, not the new little one but a colored one that was released like last year". I was a little baffled I mean a new baby and an apple product my dad assured me that they did not make my ditty anymore and after 2 years it was old news. I have conformed thanks to a sad addiction to music why I feel like quoting Abagail Adam's "The Decisive Day Has Come" I am a sentimental almost unstable person from the sounds of me .

Please check out this site it is foe the book No One Belongs Here More Than You it is great big thank you to Tru at The Perks Of Being A Wallflower for the original tip about this great site!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Holiday Attire

Well above is my would be holiday attire if I was a billionaire and could afford all of the above.Today was PE my first class this quarter and my god I can't even sit without feeling the pain. I mean first we walk around the front of the school where there is a big opening shaped in a circle its nicely paved perfect for warm ups. Well today we walked and when he blew the whistle we had to do jumping jacks, push ups you get the point well after that he decided we weren't done. He got us into lines on either side of the circle now the circle is pretty huge I mean we could barely hear what he was saying from the other side. Well we had a relay race of sorts. Each group ran different ways and eventually if you were fast enough you could tag someone from the other team and then that team would have to do some more exercises. After completing this relay twice I personally ran around that circle 6 times myself we got in a line to go back inside. Well before he even blew the whistle we had 2 people throwing up that had to be escorted down to the nurse. When we got inside my one friend was crying because she had bent her ankle the wrong way, trust me it hurt so she had to leave to go to the nurse. Then we had 3 people almost faint who then had to be escorted to the nurse, might I add that these people are a couple of the most in shape kids in the class. By the time we started to play indoor tennis we had lost almost half of our class due to the warm up and people not wearing their uniforms. I mean isn't that sad. I swear and the gym teacher live 1 townhouse down from me I mean I could skip a rock and it land past his yard. i mean the carton full of eggs is rather tempting especially when I sit or stand or go up steps because I am in so much pain. I was the one who was fine not panting or holding my back or my foot for that matter. As soon as I walked out of the locker room it hit my legs were in so much pain in my upper thighs. I had to walk across the school to drop off my books at my class after lunch and go study with a teacher for a makeup test. Yeah trying to get into my computer chair was really fun. Thanks for those of you who got this far down the post you are real troopers!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

If you can't have it imagine it

A great date!

A wonderful clutch by County girl city life

Fun Pumps by Jimmy Choo

A cute necklace by Marc Jacobs

A nice cute black cocktail dress

Since my weekend has been totally boring I decided to create a dream night including all of the fabulous outfits and people above. Well I would start by wearing all of the great pieces of clothing above. Oh yeah and the guy well my "date" for the evening he might be an inch shorter than me and a couple years older but who cares. He may not be Brad Pitt but I love him and forever he will be mine in the dream world at least. I pictured a longer post but my posting got delayed and I have a major headache so this will have to do I was supposed to go see my schools production of Brigadoon but as always when I want to do something the plans get canceled. I might go see the play tomorrow. Well all is well that ends well I don't know why i wanted to end with saying that but it seemed to drift into my mind so goodnight.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Its Wish List Season

Yes well this is a boring t shirt dress but I want it bad. I live in Polo's, why? I don't know but I think this could go with my skinnys nicely. With the right accessories I could get away with it without looking like a stuck up superficial prep. I am tired and its Friday and I have nothing to do. I think this post is going to have to do for now but tomorrow I will have some peace around the house so I will have a better more thought out post.

Monday, December 3, 2007

I am Emotionally Scarred

Odd picture right? Not the fashion post I promised. Well this warrants a post. You know those Christmas movies you watch where the parents take a quick picture and scream "come on smile this is for the Christmas cards". Well my nightmare came true today. When I come home our living room looks like Christmas threw up. Outfits for all of us the cutest being for my little cousins which was a little outfit that said "My mom wishes for a silent night". Well for me it was an ugly, nasty, itchy add any other adjectives you want to make this complete. Well after maybe an hour of "Just one more picture come on its for the family" it is amazing I am able to even write. I am seriously addicted to the show Chuck which is on right now so I will leave you like the awful post ender I am with one simple..........
Gosh why can't I be gossip girl and have great post endings

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Oh No They Didn't

"Could She Be The Next Audrey Hepburn" was the title on some random Z list blog I pulled this picture from. They are talking about a person who has been to jail, doesn't seem to ever wear undergarments(politically correctness, I try) among other things I will not even say again with the whole politically correct thing. Yet technically comparing her to Audrey, they are saying she could be the next greatest actress and humanitarian of her time......NOT. What person in their right mind could think so? I understand some people worship her but I mean even Paris Maniacs could not deny she has nothing on Audrey Hepburn if they even knew who she was in their obviously confused minds. Sorry for the total rant but I will get back to fashion in long post tomorrow because my "Fashion Blog" has been lacking well fashion oh and the my Christmas list will be popping up sometime in the near future.

Watch "Capote" about Truman Capote it was really good

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Info Granted

Well WendyB asked for some background info in the pictures in my last post. Well I was trying to talk my mom into letting me go to boarding school in Scotland and these are some of the pictures I had gotten. I don't have much time to post but looking down at my last post if you could tell me if they were your pictures what would the background story be for you.