Monday, December 17, 2007

I Have Conformed thanks To A Sad Addiction To Music

Yes this is my soon to be Christmas present well not my exact one more like some random person's I found on Google image search but same color and all so it counts. I loved my dell DJ ditty my its little musical soul rest in peace. Saturday the sad sad day is when my little ditty left me forever at least as far as I can tell. Well it started with my battery dieing so i hooked up my baby and stuck it in the USB cable on my computer and went to take pictures with Santa clause with my cousins and brothers and sister. I came home and it would not turn on my beloved ditty was gone. I tried to save it I tried everything I knew but it would not even register that it was hooked up to my computer. I called my dad the technical genius(sarcastic) of the family. He didn't comfort me or tell me what was wrong but surprised me with "how would you like and Ipod nano, not the new little one but a colored one that was released like last year". I was a little baffled I mean a new baby and an apple product my dad assured me that they did not make my ditty anymore and after 2 years it was old news. I have conformed thanks to a sad addiction to music why I feel like quoting Abagail Adam's "The Decisive Day Has Come" I am a sentimental almost unstable person from the sounds of me .

Please check out this site it is foe the book No One Belongs Here More Than You it is great big thank you to Tru at The Perks Of Being A Wallflower for the original tip about this great site!


Tru said...

ahh the same thing happened to me and I also blogged about it...*sighs* I know own an ipod, which is great but i do miss my creative zen now and again

Eva. said...

I have the exact same ipod (along with some other millions of people) but still. xD

Anonymous said...

I miss my dell dj!!!!! I have a silver nano too, like billions. dammit apple.

Natalie said...

I asked for an ipod nano too! Except, the new squatty one. Haha, with video and shiz?
I like your blog :) Want to trade links?

If you do, leave your link with me at my blog. I blog surf through a proxy, so I can't see it :-P