Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Raining................ Rain Boots?

Sporto Drizzle $54.50

Chooka Metropolitan $47.50

Emu Welly $47.50

Emilo Pucci $139.50

Chooka Starboard Anchor $39.99

Sporto Drizzle $54.50

So Piperlime is having a sale this week on rain boots, check it out.

Some Things Everyone Needs In Their Closet: Dresses

The Statement/Floral Dress

The Little Black Dress
$68-online only

The Summer Dress

The Sweater Dress

The Party Dress

All of these dresses are from Urban Outfitters because I hadn't done anything from Urban in a while. Of course these are just examples so don't hold to to a T. I work a lot this week but I have some pre-made posts that will pop up from time to time.

Hope everyone has a good rest of their weekend!


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Some Things Everyone Needs In Their Closet:Tops




White Tee
Tops are very hard to do because of how different everyone is and how many choices there are. So sorry there isn't much variety. I am hoping to get done my Dress STENITC by Sunday and have it posted because the holidays are coming up faster then I was thinking I mean Thanksgiving is already over! I am not so sure I am ready for the craziness. So did anyone go Black Friday Shopping? I was going to but I ended up going to my dad;s instead and I am not sorry did you hear about the Walmart worker who was trampled to death or the other injured it makes me so sad that we live in such an inconsiderate nation. In other news I am getting a phone and I need help its from Verizon so I need some help which phones do you guys have? Well I am off we have another thanksgiving feast to go to at 6:00 and I am hoping to run by the outlets because thanks to Boot Camp my pants no longer fit and keep falling down. Yeah for exercise!
Bye have a great rest of your weekend!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some Things Everyone Needs In Their Closet: Bottoms

The Denim Skirt
great with leggings or by themselves
old navy: $15.00

The Flared Jean
can be dressed up or down
old navy:$34.50

The Skinny Jean
great in every way
old navy: $34.50

The Plain Skirt
looks good with everything
Gap: $27.99

The Khakis
dressy or casual
Gap: $49.50

The Black Pencil Skirt
Audrey Hepburn anyone?
Forever 21: $17.80

Yes, I know that the captions underneath are corny and dumb but whatever I am watching a 16 month old while doing this so give me some slack your lucky they don't say "Don't climb on that!" or "NOOOO Not Again!!!". So I figured I would start a new post sequence until the holiday posts start, entitled "Some Things Everyone Needs In Their Closet". Basically, basics I think everyone should have. Well I should have up another post tomorrow probably STENITC: Tops or maybe Dresses I haven't decided. So my thanksgiving break officially started today thanks to my wonderful mom who let me stay home since I had nothing to do in school today and after I had missed the bus. Well hopefully all is well for all of you lovely bloggers.

Bye Guys!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Movie

Sorry I couldn't really find a good picture of Kirsten Stewart's dress, supposedly they were giving her some gripe about it I like it I wish that that patch of Burgundy wasn't in it or if they would have extended the Burgundy down and taken out the red it would have been better. So on to the movie, I LOVED IT!!!!!!!! Even though it wasn't so much like the books and they added and took some stuff away it was still a great movie. The only thing was that I didn't think they made Bella clumsy enough because the ending to someone who hasn't read the books is confusing because they would be thinking they never saw how clumsy she was how fake is it that she would fall down the steps. But other then Eric being Asian and and Mike being to much of a goof they were pretty on with the characters especially Alice. Jasper was a little tooo much, they made him too weird. Also Carsile in the hospital was way too white to pass for even somewhat normal I mean wayyy too much makeup. I think I might even go catch a matinee tomorrow because we want to see it again. Hopefully I will get a fashion post in tomorrow!

Bye guys


* I will go Voultori or your butts if you don't haha

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So since I will probably not get a chance to post between now and Friday I figured I should let you know that I am attending TWILIGHT this Friday with my aunt and our friend. It looks pretty good. I am so ready to see it. Bye everyone have a good weekend look for a post Saturday. If you have a facebook they have some good pieces of flair for twilight and myspace has tons of bumper stickers for it.

Have a great rest of the week

*this collage is not mine I can't even use photo shop I take no credit for it I found it on google!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Won't Concede To The Uggs

Anything you are about to see is better then these!!

Okay so everyone has these and wears them no matter what yes even with shorts !gasp! and I refuse to get them so I need some alternatives to them and since I'm not the biggest fan of tennis shoes I'm going to have to replace them with slip-ons because my mom has decided my precious flip flops are going away for the year.

These have to be my favorite, $44.99

I like these too but not to replace flip flops these a little to dressy and equestrian,
Steven madden $169

I know people most of you guys hate them but the fur comes out and I love them,
Crocs $39.99(why piperlime had them for $50 I'm not sure
I know that's only a few choices but nobody has ones that I like. I don't get the point of fur in shoes unless you live in the Alps I mean kids around here live in northface and Uggs and even those ugly things up top and yes it does snow sometimes but my God!!! I hate the fact that no one actually has their own style at my school except a few its all Uggs, Northface, Holister and Abercrombie. I mean wheres the originality at least some urban or j. crew lol. If I see one more of these I will die. I am hoping to start posting on regular time soon. I finished Twilight it was great except for the last book I just didn't enjoy it or maybe the other 3 were just too good I don't know. Bye guys have a great weekend hopefully I will have a post up any time from Sunday-Wednesday.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Winter is nature's way of saying, "Up yours."






Forever 21





Well that lovely quote above is from Robert Byrne, isn't true. So these are my cold weather outfits of chose from GAP and Forever 21. I like to wear short sleeve tops underneath sweaters and jackets because a lot of the time places have the heat cranked up. It is crazy how fast the holidays are approaching. We have been pretty lucky with weather besides a lot of rain the past few weeks. I finally read Twilight and I am in love!!!! It will never replace harry potter of course but its pretty good. I am so anxious to get started on the second one which will hopefully happen tomorrow(fingers crossed my library has it). I plan on posting maybe tomorrow or Wednesday.

bye guys

I try not to get political on this blog but I just want to say

"Yes We Did"

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Get Over It!

I Like her dress and I have no clue why people can't stop talking about it. I'll have a good post up tomorrow promise!!

bye guys

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Twins

I was a little bit too young for the Full House days but I had every movie almost every book and tons of their toys and clothes and in fact I still have the coat they wore in the opening scenes of So Little Time that me and my friend had to have and match actually she might still have hers too. Yes we were obsessed. I guess you could say they have influenced my fashion choices because I loved and love them so much. Are they a little too boho chic for my taste, yes but still. I don't know why but lately I have been really sentimental like listening to old Hilary Duff songs and thinking about things from when I was little not that it was that long ago. Well hopefully this was more satisfying then my last post. With the holidays I'm trying plan out some fred flare etc posts. Its just been hectic I am ready to get back to normal with not going to school on Thursday and Friday. Monday starts more time and a new marking period so a fresh start in other words and I'm ready. I have to add that I was feeling pretty American today with old navy jeans, flip flops and khaki blazer an a H&M plain white tee. I don't know why but it just felt more hmmm I don't know. Speaking of American don't forget to VOTE, I don't get political on this blog normally but still its your civic duty and I just wanted to remind you of it. BTW I can't even vote but don't think I'm being hypocritical though I'm just not old enough.

Bye guys have a great rest of your weekend and for you Americans don't forget to urn your clocks back!!