Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Twins

I was a little bit too young for the Full House days but I had every movie almost every book and tons of their toys and clothes and in fact I still have the coat they wore in the opening scenes of So Little Time that me and my friend had to have and match actually she might still have hers too. Yes we were obsessed. I guess you could say they have influenced my fashion choices because I loved and love them so much. Are they a little too boho chic for my taste, yes but still. I don't know why but lately I have been really sentimental like listening to old Hilary Duff songs and thinking about things from when I was little not that it was that long ago. Well hopefully this was more satisfying then my last post. With the holidays I'm trying plan out some fred flare etc posts. Its just been hectic I am ready to get back to normal with not going to school on Thursday and Friday. Monday starts more time and a new marking period so a fresh start in other words and I'm ready. I have to add that I was feeling pretty American today with old navy jeans, flip flops and khaki blazer an a H&M plain white tee. I don't know why but it just felt more hmmm I don't know. Speaking of American don't forget to VOTE, I don't get political on this blog normally but still its your civic duty and I just wanted to remind you of it. BTW I can't even vote but don't think I'm being hypocritical though I'm just not old enough.

Bye guys have a great rest of your weekend and for you Americans don't forget to urn your clocks back!!


Jaclyn said...

The Olsen Twins, I grew up watching them, reading their books, wearing there clothes. It was almost like they were my older sisters.

Anonymous said...

I was always a huge Olsen twin fan as well! =) I loved their movies. They were always fun and totally made me want to be them. I kind of wish that was who they were nowadays. Haha.

LoveLladro said...

I think they are pretty but man, you think with all that money they would have a better fashion sense.

ryan said...

wildly attractive

Hannah Bee said...

Oh the Olsens, I wonder what people will say when they look back on them 50 years from now. Actually, I wonder what they will look like 50 years from now!

geri hirsch said...

i voted and want that book!!!

Anonymous said...

I want that book! I don't think their style is too boho chic. It has enough fashion about it. You rock!

yiqin; said...

OMG SO LITTLE TIME!!!! I LOVED IT! Ihave every single book that has MKA on it.

Couture Carrie said...

Awesome post - I love these girls - savvy businesswomen and stylish too!


BiLLiON $$$ said...

oh mary-kate and ashley
those are signature names :)

Anonymous said...

I just blogged about these two becoz they has anti fur protestors demostrating at them. A bit sad
here it is

Anonymous said...

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