Monday, February 25, 2008

I confess myself disappointed

My best dressed^
I do not even feel like posting my worst dressed list. I really confess my self disappointed. I mean as I have said before the dresses did not match the talent. Well sorry for the short post but I am incredibly done and would like to talk to my best friend before I pass out from exhaustion.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Forget yesterday,We'll make the great escape,We won't hear a word they say...

Yes well I am ready for a vacation but more of a pick up and go vacation. Not the planned itineray trip with no time to do anything. ^thats what i would take with me and money of course but i want to be free and relax with no strings attached. Thats all I need.

I am so done with the computer right now so I will leave you with a quiz

What song is the title refering to?Who is the band?

At which store are the clothes above located at?

Monday, February 18, 2008

If I Was Any Better I'd Be Twins

so many to thank first of course the wonderful Redheaded Bandit over at Fabulous for nominating me and of course blogger even with it technical problems ever now and then without it this blog would likely not exsist. Well enough drama thanks and I am happy to get this award. I just got back from Florida about an hour and a half ago so this was a nice suprise. Tomorrow i hope to share some good pics with you if my phone/camera or my aunts new camera coroperates. I just have to say one more thing Savannah Goregia is one of the most fashionable places despite the whole only paula dean cooking wives and farm people live there sterotype.

Ps: We couldn't get a seat in her resraunt it was packed we were extremly mad, we love her.

On to the wonderful questions:

What is the story behind the name of your blog and nickname??
The only reason I created a blog at first was to comment on Cathi and Coco's blog before
she went MIA and also The perks of being a wall flower because I was sick of annynomous comments. My nickname Kiki because my little brother couldn't say my real name and now my whole family calls me Kiki.

What has been your best, and worst, blogging experience??
My best would be when I finally got comments on my posts. My worst was probably my first post I had no clue what to write and I dont think it got any comments and thought am i doing this wrong.

What do you think/want to happen to your blog in 2008???
maybe some more awards but bascically the same I love my blog and If it changes thats fine but I like it the way it is.

Ok now my nominations:

Alex Richards
Wendy Brandes
CountryGirlCity life

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Spring Awakening Act 3

Head Band $5.90

bag $14.90

shirt $15.90

pants $30.00

Shoes $17.80

^ Springtime Chic with a laid back feel, all items from Forever 21(prices are subject to change)
Hi my wonderful fellow bloggers!! I was somewhat dissapointed by Forever 21 this time I would wear this outfit but mainly all I saw on the site was ruffles and wide-leg trousers. Where have all the other trends gone. I thought ruffles had been over for months after I saw an icredably George Washington esche shirt on a Wal-Mart rack a few months ago. Well alas I guess acording to Forever 21 I am wrong. I know its fashion week technically but I have tried to stay away I refuse to know who won Project Runway(it better be Chris,Chritain or Romi) I love them all(ok I love christain more but whocares). Well tomorrow I am headed for one long trip to Florida yup I am going to be gone a full week thanks to whosever wonderfull idea it was to drive(no one will take credit) almost 3 days of traveling will be great a real bonding time NOTTTT. But I am looking forward but not really to the 80 degree weather only because my spring/summer wardrobe has not yet come out of hibernation I am mean yup you know I always keep out my bathing suit in case those 20 degree days mysteriously break into 90 degree ones.....please. Well I guess I am fashionablly unfit for Florida but hey we leave in less than 24 hours how do you except me to ditch the jeans by then. I better go figure out some ways to re-invent my outfits because if not I see a heat stroke in order or at least my mom does.
Bye my people I will see you in a week

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Spring Awakening

sunglasses $18.00

wallet $28.00

necklace $278.00

Shirt $68.00

pants $88.00

shoes $68.00
^ Bohemian Springtime Chic all items from Free People (all prices are subject to change)
Well here is "act" two of "Spring Awakening" I love this outfit. I have offically fallen in love with Free People it sucks that they are a little out of my price range though. My next Spring post should be a little cheaper price wise. Well i hope to post a good High Fashion post soon because I have some great things in mind. Any of you watch ONE TREE HILL if so I'd love to post about it sometimes but if it is disliked I won't why post something no one will read?
PS please NO SPAM comments they WILL be DELETED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Spring Awakening Act 1

Canvas bag $39.50

Shirt $14.99(on sale)

Jeans $49.50(on sale)

Shoes $24.50
"Laid Back Babe" all items from Gap (prices are subject to change)
Well this is the first of many "Spring Awakening" posts because the warmer weather has inspired me to think spring, clothes wise. On sunday I spent an hour and a half trying to compile my posts into one but because of blogger that post came out horrific with a mile in between each word and no way to fix it all my hard work had to be deleted. Blogger is really becoming a problem i mean no spell check, 15 minutes to put in a picture its getting ridculous. I hope you enjoy this type of post hopfully somemore will follow it!!!!!!!!!