Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Spring Awakening Act 1

Canvas bag $39.50

Shirt $14.99(on sale)

Jeans $49.50(on sale)

Shoes $24.50
"Laid Back Babe" all items from Gap (prices are subject to change)
Well this is the first of many "Spring Awakening" posts because the warmer weather has inspired me to think spring, clothes wise. On sunday I spent an hour and a half trying to compile my posts into one but because of blogger that post came out horrific with a mile in between each word and no way to fix it all my hard work had to be deleted. Blogger is really becoming a problem i mean no spell check, 15 minutes to put in a picture its getting ridculous. I hope you enjoy this type of post hopfully somemore will follow it!!!!!!!!!


WendyB said...

Good luck with Blogger, you poor thing!

Kenny Surtani said...
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Seraphine said...

I'm ready for spring too.
I love the prices on the
things you showed. Good
luck on blogger, I'm sorry
you are having problems.

KiKi said...

please do not post spam it will be deleted!!!!!