Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I LOVE Sales!!

$30.60 regular $68.00
$30.60 regular 68.00

$23.20 regular $58.00
$29.00 regular $58.00
$23.20 regular $58.00

$25.99 regular $44.99
$14.99 regular $34.99
$9.49 regular $20.00
$11.49 regular $24.00
$13.99 regular $30.00

I'm not the biggest fan I Kohl's but I love their sales. I mean most of this stuff is almost 50% off! It feels great outside today (well at least here). No one would go on a walk with me but since the landscapers our out their mowing and trimming and all, I really couldn't go anyway because of how bad my allergies get ughh.. I get to be picked up early from school yes tomorrow because of a dermatology appointment. I don't like the doctors but i like them better then school so I'm all good. I only have about 29 school days left not including memorial day I always got out before memorial day in private school its so dumb that we have the day off and then only go for another week. Well for a more fashion point i really would like a good swimsuit preferably a tankinni with boy shorts so if any body knows a good store help!!
I'll see you guys tomorrow PS Alex Richards we need to dish about OTH I mean Brooke+baby!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I really have spring fever

loafers $19.99 (payless)
Blouse $19.80 (forever 21)
Jeans $19.80 (forever 21)
Wood Necklace $5.80 (forever 21)
Outfit # 2
Flip flops $9.99 (payless)
Dress $19.80 (forever 21)
jelly sandal $9.90 (forever 21)
necklace $7.80 (forever 21)

I really have been in a spring mood of late(lol). I hope to have a better post tomorrow but tonight I'm really not in it.
c ya tomorrow

Friday, April 25, 2008

Springtime is the land awakening

$29.99(was 68.00)

Hi I'm back in full swing. For those of you who guessed about the bucket it was enc who had one of the answers in many ways. But none of you got the other it was because I didn't kick the bucket it was hard I know. I love all of the dresses above and of course they are from Urban Outfitters. I love spring but it has been kind of hot in the house and my step dad refuses to turn on the air conditioning yet LOL. Ok well I'm off to play on webkinz yes i got one a cute little pig named I don't know yet!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Didn't die

No bloggers I didn't die I just got sick I will post tomorrow but I just wanted to let you guys know!!And if you can guess the two reasons for the bucket you will get major props on my next few posts!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

It Starts With 1 And Ends With 00! A Somewhat Epic Post Time

Get Shift!
Anthropologie $138.00Ann Taylor Loft $69.00
Ann Taylor Loft $89.00
Ann Taylor Loft $69.00
Anthropologie $98.00
Anthropologie $148.00

Totally Bagged!!

Target $12.99

Target $13.49

Target $12.99

areopostale $19.99

anthropologie $228.00 Anthropologie $128.00
Anthropologie $188.00
Anthropologie $258.00

A Summer Must!
Gradual Tanners

Coppertone endless summer $9.19
Jergens $6.49(cheapest and works the best)
Olay Touch Of Sun $7.99(I use this for now because I didn't want to look fake during the early spring months but soon I will switch for a better tan with jergens)

Sandals, Sandals, Sandals In Spring

Anthrpologie $198.00
Anthrpologie $228.00
Anthropologie $188.00

Target $19.99
Target $24.99
Target $14.99

A Summer Must!!

Nivea Goodbye Cellulite about $10.00

Tag Time!

I was lucky enough to be tagged by the wonderful Fashion Ivy so here it goes...

Here are the rules
1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules in your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs letting them know they've been tagged.

OK my quirks..

1) I have watched every episode of Gilmore Girls and 7th Heaven and can tell you about every character like they were my own family. I quote them often and also use things that happen in the show and relate it to my or other people's life. I also continue to watch the shows on TV when they come on even though I have seen each one at least twice.

2) I can NOT stand my bathroom or any one I'm in to be dirty. Its really bad I can't even brush my teeth if their is even an eyelash in the sink or around it. I don't use public bathrooms unless I am at my breaking point. The worse is at school, they are awful and I use a full bottle of Purell if I ever use it.

3) I always follow ah huh with yea and yea with sure ALL OF THE TIME

4) I say sorry a lot, for things I have no control over(it gets on people's nerves)

5) I love stripes my mom hates it one day she was looking for me in a store and she found me because I was the one holding up the striped shirt(I'm wearing one today). I don't mean like big huge stripes though!!

6) Finally I have no clue I probably have a lot more, speaking of just like Fashion Ivy I read magazines backwards but it doesn't seem to get on any one's nerves that I know of!

My people..
OK if no one got the title this is my 100th post YEAH!! I as also tagged so I decided to do a long somewhat epic post. It is fantastic outside so spring and summer were on my mind if you can't tell. Both my brothers are sick pink eye and a virus Please pray or just hope for me not to get sick!! Thanks to everyone and a special thanks for those who have been with me and this blog since the beginning!!!