Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh the Tecnology we crave!

Bracelet $148.00
Clutch $130.00

Blouse $98.00

Belt $48.00

Skirt $148.00

Shoes $188.00
Cheaper Version

Necklace $18.00

Clutch $30.00

Blouse $38.00

Skirt $68.00Shoes $38.00
Well yesterday was an awful day and I had a near nervous breakdown. It was awful just one thing after another. Then after my awful day I come home and find that my Internet will not work. So here I am thinking that God just hates and is out to get me. Then at school today i find out that there was a regional outage thanks to Verizon I'm telling you god we have our phone and Internet through those people and they suck nothing ever gets fixed and things always go down but they are cheaper so people use them to bundle things together like us. Well so they also taped every other wire too so people with at&t had no phones it was a mess. Then today at school while it was better I got slammed against the wall and i don't mean i hit up against it I mean it was full force impact so my back is killing me. It is the smallest hallway in the school with the most kids trying to navigate through it and then you have idiots who run through and push people into people.
For a quiz guess where each outfit is from!!
c ya later peeps


Elizabeth said...

That's a tough day. I'm sorry to hear it was so awful.

Thanks for the post, the clutch with the rainbow on it is very cute.

Tru said...

sorry you had a bad day hope today's much better

EvaAmarri said...

hey sorry about ur day. but guess what i've tagged u. Check my blog

Molly :] said...

Im sorry about your day! But the things you picked are gorgeous. :)x

SICK. said...

anthropologie & urban outfitters ?
i think so.

hopefully you're feeling better by now :]


Anonymous said...

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