Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Once In A Lifetime"

So as I was watching my "Reba" per usual when nothing is on at this time I saw a commercial for the new "Coco Chanel" mini series coming in September on Lifetime. Surprisingly Shirley MacLaine was cast as the lovely Miss Coco. Here's the link for more information. I think it should be interesting and according to the article Karl Lagerfeld has given his blessings but that doesn't necessarily mean it will be fantastic. But anyway I am not going to be spending the next couple days with my grandparent's house because my grandfather came home today and is still really contagious. I did however go spend the day with my great grandmother(mom-mom). We looked through jewelry(which I will get around to posting) , pictures and talked about when I was younger and her childhood and of course her 7 brothers and sisters. talking to her really made me want to go back to the forties.
Well I shall be back, maybe tomorrow if not have a great weekend

PS Don't forget my ebay auction

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Little Bit Of A Ramble

So just wanted to let everyone know I probably won't post for the rest of the week since I am going back to my grandparent's house for a couple days. Also check out my EBAY auction here. And don't forget I am still looking for makeup brands tips and tricks check here for more info. Also check out my Twitter account.

OK see you guys this weekend or into next week. Hope everyone is having a great summer!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

A Whole Year!!!

So I'm back from my grandparent's house and boy was it more then I expected. Today my grandfather went to the doctor for a checkup because he has a staph infection and they ended up putting him in the hospital to watch and keep him on an IV. But aside from my crazy day its my 1 year blogging anniversary. I have learned a lot from my first post in which I could not figure out how to post a picture. A ton of you have been with me since the first day and I thank you for that. Hope everyone has a great week I think mine is going to be kinda busy but I am hoping to at least post tomorrow.
Again thanks to everyone who reads and supports this blog
PS Wendy Brandes another fabulous blogger just recently had her 1 year anniversary.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Almost Lipstick $14.00
Pressed Powder $19.00
High Definition Lashes $4.00
Superbalm Moisturizing Lip gloss $13.50
Almost Powder Makeup $22.50
Brow Keeper $14.50
Advanced Concealer $14.00

So everyone I am in need of new makeup, I was thinking about changing to Clinique but I am not sure hence the post. I was really wondering what makeup you guys use or think is the best. Please let me know. My ebay auction will become available again sometime today, I will have the link at the ready for everyone. I am off to my grandparents house again till Monday again. but expect a nice good post on Tuesday when I will have time to myself without being bombarded with people asking when they can get on the computer. Which is why this post is so short, now my sister is now begging.
Bye everybody see you soon.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

You're Kidding Right Some What Of A Fashion Post... Oh No Really?

A couple days ago I was in the library and found this book called "Fashion Victim, our love hate relationship with dressing, shopping and the cost of style". It is actually really good it was written in 2003 but it is not very out of date as far as fashion is concerned. It is sectioned into parts while reading the first I found some interesting things I thought that my blogger friends would find interesting even though most of my family did not. OK so the major thing is that designers engage in multi million dollar licensing deals offering their names for use by others to make and promote a variety of products. In the 1970's designers like Valentino and Pierre Cardin began to license their names for everything from sheets to luggage to toilet-seat covers, by 1970 the House of Cardin had licensed its name for use on more then 600 products. Kenneth Cole has admitted that his company licenses out most of what it does, except shoes and women's handbags. Also some other well-known brands make the products for other well know brands. Fossil designs, manufactures, markets and distributes Burberry watches. Liz Claiborne holds the exclusive license to design and produce DKNY jeans. Estee Lauder holds rights to make fragrances for both Tommy Hilfiger and Donna Karen. There are many other interesting things in the book too, which I totally recommend. Today is busy as usual, work in the morning then come home post, go back to my job for my little brother's swim lessons, work out, come home eat dinner and then do it all over again tomorrow. OK I know this wasn't very fashiony but it was still about fashion :) hopefully a nice long fashion post will be in the works very soon

have a great night

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I am so done I went to wok today and of course on the busiest days we were short two people and we ended up staying longer this whole not getting paid thing sucks because I work just as hard and the only thing I have to show for it is service learning hours which really I would rather right now have money. I am really independent money wise and I hate asking my parents for something if I want so for me the whole being broke thing sucks considering I am normally the first national bank of Kiki. I'm sorry this isn't a fashion post but I have to go back to work for a couple hours tonight and workout. I am aching from Pilate's class last night but it was fun at least. I hate being fatigued because you feel drained but can't sleep.

well I will be back hopefully tomorrow I think I might stay home, which is the only plus of not being paid, I make my own hours, although that's not really true a lot of the times I don't.

Well bye have good night

Monday, July 21, 2008

Just a Reminder

So Just a reminder to everyone my EBAY AUCTION ends in two days and I am desperate to get rid of my sewing machine. I have a Pilate's class tonight so I probably won't get a chance to post till tomorrow. Here's the link. It is in really good condition and only used a handful of times the only reason I am getting rid of it is because I got a new one and don't need two.
See you guys tomorrow and please bid bid bid

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Aren't I Just The Bee's Knees

Well I was planning on doing a pretty long post today but after working out and the fact that I have all my brothers and sisters over except the one I just left at my dad's I feel very drained and just to go read my new book "Sense and Sensibility" I am on a total Jane Austen kick.
SO on the the award,
I was graciously honored with the "Brillante Weblog Award" by Belle of the Fabulous Ramblings.
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OK so here are the fabulous blogs receiving this award and if you have received it already I'm sorry.
Bye Everyone

Friday, July 18, 2008

Coach, Nine West And One Hundred Pushups

Coach $158.00
Nine West $29.99

Every where I turn lately there is this magenta color. I was on coach gaping at the expensive handbags and found the above shoes and at a whomping $158 thought if I was to put these on my blog I need a cheap alternative so I got to thinking and remembered the flats that I had seen on the Nine West site. Now when I first saw them they were $79.99 so I went on Nine West and figured I should check at Target too because I didn't want to post anything really expensive and not give an alternative but I was about to behold that they were on sale for $29.99 and they didn't have only 1 size left ether the only size sold out is 10 and a half but I don't know how long they will last if any of you 9's out there steal my shoe I will be mad :) because as soon a I can get my sewing machine sold they are mine!! Speaking of visit my ebay auction here. OK so on with the post I am taking the One Hundred Push Up Challenge and you should too. So it works like this in 6 weeks you will be able to do 100 push ups in a row and if you can already do that then first of all, ladedada to you perfect person but seriously they have extra steps for you like reaching 200 etc. Its pretty cool and even though it sounds like a long time its not a quick fix and it teaches your body to be able to handle 100 push ups at a time or more. So for those of you who don't know and I don't think anyone should unless my memory is wrong and I told you before which is a great possibility, I am not doing anything really this summer all my trips got canceled and etc but when I found out I could ditch the little kid camps my mom signed me up for and go to a camp that I could go whitewater rafting, rock climbing, surfing and more I had to go. Well apparently everyone else did too because it was full and now I am on a waiting list so its back to square one of summer plans. But look on the bright side I can be bored everyday instead of going whitewater rafting yes, I am a little bitter.
Well bye everyone One Tree Hill repeats are on

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Whackadoodle and Wedgies

CHRISTIAN......... JAY......... ULI......... CHLOE.......... KAYNE ..........JEFF......... DANIEL V. WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!(ADD ECHO). Yes another season more designers but what conceited designers there are none of them showed very much potential.. yet, except a few but all thought they were the poo(that was not meant to rhyme). I have to say Suede's whackadoodle comment was so funny although I was the only one to laugh. Did anyone else see Leanne pick a wedgie as she walked out the door. And what was that poor man thinking with the plumbing gloves dear GOD. So anyway that's all I really have to say about it at the moment. On to another show called "The Baby Borrowers" it is hilarious but I mean how stupid could you be to think you could handle a kid that young come on. Next week they get teenagers that will be great, if you don't watch just tune in Wednesdays at 9:00(same time a Project Runway I recommend DVR).
OK by everyone sorry for the rushed post but I have got to start reading "Catch 22" by Joseph Heller, I finished "Emma" by Jane Austen it was great, it was the first book I have read in a while that didn't have tons of symbolism for me to decipher.
PS check out my ebay auction here.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

She Rambles On And On

their little tattoos
these is our extended family kids, the spider man clad one is my brother and the yellow striped shirt one
so first I had to show you my cousin Savannah(left in all pics) and sister Audrey(right in all pics) these were taken on the 4th aren't they gorgeous

Stretch Chino Skirt $55(more colors)
Metallic French Market Tee $34.50
City fit Watson $79.50 (more colors)

Slub Cotton Knot Trim Cami, Select colors $9.99

Cashmere Short Sleeve Tee Select Colors $79.99
Halter Embossed Beach Dress Select Colors $29.99
Printed Silk Twill Boatneck Top Select Colors $19.99(this gives the Mrs. Robinson 60's feel that is seeming to becoming a fall trend)

So many things have happened the first being the NEW J. Crew store about a half an hour away from us, it is located in the Outlets but I think it is going to be a retail store which sucks because they are so expensive but their sales are pretty decent they have a huge sale right now but its still pretty expensive. But with more news I am almost finished "Emma" by Jane Austen it is really good. It was so funny being at my grandparent's it was so peaceful and quiet while I'm used to the loudness of a full house. My grandmother has a room set up for people that stay but its really for her granddaughters me and my cousin. Well this room is very pink and girly and looks like something out of "Country Living" magazine. My vans look so out of place under my grandfather and grandmother's christening gowns. My ipod looks even funnier laying next to my grandmothers first set of pearls which hang so gracefully from an antique jewelry box, I am not lying its perfect I am going to take pictures next time. Well I am not going to deprave my brother of my attentions any longer and have to go play with him and can be so sweet when he wants to be

bye, Be back tomorrow

Saturday, July 12, 2008

To Grandparent's House I Go

Well to be honest my grandparent's house doesn't look quite like the one above but it does have the same warm welcome feeling. So without further delay the reason for this post, I am going to my grandparent's house for a few days and they only have dial-up and I have been spoiled by my Internet and cannot post on theirs I feel like its an eternity that I have to wait to post one thing so I just figured I would not post for a couple days.When I come back I WILL do a fashion post.

Bye be back soon have a good weekend/week

Thursday, July 10, 2008

She's Got Bronzing Good Looks

Best Deal, Physicians Formula, Bronze Gems Matte & Bright Bronzer, Highlighter & Eye Shadow $12.95 in 4 shades

Physicians Formula, Baked Pyramid $11.95 in two shades

Clinique, Translucent Gel Bronzer $18.50

Best for Beginners and Fair Skin, Laura Mercier $32.00

Most Expensive, MAC Cosmetics Bronzing Powder $21.00 in 4 shades

Physicians Formula, Summer Eclipse Bronzing and Shimmery face powder $11.95 in three shades

I love, like most people having that back from the beach glow during the summer but first of all tanning is bad for your skin and its super boring I have better things to do then sitting out in the sun worrying about getting skin cancer. So I love self/gradual tanners. I don't normally use bronzer but I think I might start. I tan differently then most people I burn then in about 2 hours later I turn tan it's odd and I think it has something to do with the Cherokee blood in me because they had more red in their skin then dark brown. I have really started to love physicians formula makeup because it works good and doesn't hurt my skin. My aunt uses clinique which makes her look 20 years younger so I'd like to try that also I'm a sucker for those free gifts that they always give.
well better go before my computer throws a fit again

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I have wanted this "Coppelle Paisly San Telmo Jacket" from J. Crew for forever and a day but at $225 its not in my near future. So any way today I watched my mom's friends little girl after working at the Y for a couple hours. She is such a trip, she's only 20 months but she has such a unique personality. Tonight I plan on going to the gym and working out I was going to do a yoga class at 5:15 but seeing as it is already 4 and I am so tired and still have to finish reading "Crime and Punishment"for my summer reading and my mom still has to go to the store and make dinner and well I will have to think of more excuses later. Bye everyone c ya tomorrow.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dancing in the rain

So I have finally made it to the that has swept the fashion blogger nation. As I was messing around and making a "set" it was pouring so I decided to do a "dancing in the rain" outfit. So I made up a story too, how exciting right? Well so I was walking along and just happened to be wearing yellow flats and carrying in yellow umbrella(my take on the yellow rain coat) and then out of no where it started to rain so I tied up my hair in a ravishing hair tie, put my sunglasses on top of my head and scooped up my Jimmy Choo bag and decided I should run and dance in the street in my mui mui Mary Jane looking shoes. Like that would happen. I have decided that I love polyvore I didn't think they would have very many options but it is fantastic. So I finally got into the gm again today it wasn't that bad getting into again but I have been using that acne stuff differn and I just found out I had been using it wrong well boy was that a mistake because my skin is super irritated and it was stinging as I was sweating it was horrible. Please if you use differn only use it ONCE a day and never more then a PEA size amount.
Well goodbye everyone hope your weekend was good
PS if anyone is interested in a sewing machine see last post

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Anyone For A Sewing Machine?

Ok so I just realized not too long ago that I have a abundance of sewing machines right now meaning 2 so basically I don't need one of them but I really need some money so after a lot of thought my brain finally got... sell your extra sewing machine. As I asked yesterday if anyone is in need of a sewing machine let me know I really don't wish to mess with eBay. It is in really great condition and works perfectly its a $180 Kenmore 51 stitch function sewing machine. I am selling it for $110 plus shipping cost but that can be negotiated. Please please just let me know if you are interested I really need the money :). But on to 4th of July, first off I hope every one's was great, I went to a cookout you think we were all southern the way we had it with beans barbecue chicken, pasta salad, deviled eggs, corn on the cob, sweet tea etc and then after that we all lazyed around and I took my grandmothers dog for a long walk to bad that probably didn't even work off the calories in half of a deviled egg. The only thing bad was that it rained and the fireworks got canceled and then our TV went out as we were watching "A Capitol Fourth" but it finally turned back on for us to watch the fireworks in NYC. If it doesn't rain tonight we are going to watch fireworks in the next town over. Oh yeah I forgot to mention we had pizza bites and subway for dinner instead of normally crabs they are getting so expensive lately and my stepdad went out and didn't catch a single one. So hope everyone had a great time.

C ya later

PS fashion post tomorrow I promise