Thursday, July 10, 2008

She's Got Bronzing Good Looks

Best Deal, Physicians Formula, Bronze Gems Matte & Bright Bronzer, Highlighter & Eye Shadow $12.95 in 4 shades

Physicians Formula, Baked Pyramid $11.95 in two shades

Clinique, Translucent Gel Bronzer $18.50

Best for Beginners and Fair Skin, Laura Mercier $32.00

Most Expensive, MAC Cosmetics Bronzing Powder $21.00 in 4 shades

Physicians Formula, Summer Eclipse Bronzing and Shimmery face powder $11.95 in three shades

I love, like most people having that back from the beach glow during the summer but first of all tanning is bad for your skin and its super boring I have better things to do then sitting out in the sun worrying about getting skin cancer. So I love self/gradual tanners. I don't normally use bronzer but I think I might start. I tan differently then most people I burn then in about 2 hours later I turn tan it's odd and I think it has something to do with the Cherokee blood in me because they had more red in their skin then dark brown. I have really started to love physicians formula makeup because it works good and doesn't hurt my skin. My aunt uses clinique which makes her look 20 years younger so I'd like to try that also I'm a sucker for those free gifts that they always give.
well better go before my computer throws a fit again


Hannah Bee said...

Sounds good! I am completely not a sun person. My skin gets burnt and then goes right back to being pale!

teenvoguette said...

thanks for commenting my blog=] bronzing is a great summer trick.


I love Physicians Formula not only because they have the cutest looking product but because in my humble opinion they make the best most natural bronzer.


Bombchell said...

I'm tired of horrible bronzers but I've heard about the armani bronzer, so i hope to try it.

Anonymous said...

I love the Clinique bronzer and other products, they work extremely well!