Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I am so done I went to wok today and of course on the busiest days we were short two people and we ended up staying longer this whole not getting paid thing sucks because I work just as hard and the only thing I have to show for it is service learning hours which really I would rather right now have money. I am really independent money wise and I hate asking my parents for something if I want so for me the whole being broke thing sucks considering I am normally the first national bank of Kiki. I'm sorry this isn't a fashion post but I have to go back to work for a couple hours tonight and workout. I am aching from Pilate's class last night but it was fun at least. I hate being fatigued because you feel drained but can't sleep.

well I will be back hopefully tomorrow I think I might stay home, which is the only plus of not being paid, I make my own hours, although that's not really true a lot of the times I don't.

Well bye have good night


Romany said...

Oh dear. You sound like you need a well-deserved holiday. In what sort of environment do you work? It sounds tiring...

enc said...

Exhaustion is awful! I hope you get some rest soon.