Saturday, May 31, 2008

Look Mom Dorthy Shoes

How many of you wanted these when you were 5 and never got them I know I did!! I remember going into the store and seeing these shoes well not this pair these are mui mui and I doubt that Wall mart or payless carried mui mui. Well I was always told "You have nothing to wear with them", "There hideous". Well I never got them and eventually grew out of wanting them, that didn't mean I didn't pick them up and sigh at my childhood dream shoes every time I went through the children's section at payless and etc. with my little cousin (who got a pair of them that she wore maybe twice). As of May 23,2008 Vogue marked these as faves so there mom even Vogue loves them!!
C ya next post which will hop fully be soon

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Of Course a Girl Can Change her Mind

Cardigan $17.99
Dress $19.99

The title is true.. I can change my mind. for those of you who read my last post you saw my would be award ceremony dress but because I found out today that it is not going to be dressy like last years was I have to change my outfit. i really love my other dress but it really does look more dressy on. So i have gone with this strapless dress an cardigan which look less dressy on and can be worn over the summer. but I am still in need of an idea for sandalish shoes that are school appropriate!!!
only 10 and 1/2 more days!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Eyelet Wrap

Well I found this Isaac Mizrahi wrap dress from target (44.99) for our little awards ceremony at the end of the year only 11 an 1/2 more days away!!! I haven't bought it yet but I'm getting it on Friday. It looks more low cut on me so I am going to wear a colored cami underneath of it. since it is for school I can't wear flip flips or sandals without a back. I really need help, if anyone knows what kind of sandalish shoes to wear with this dress that are on the cheap side let me know!! Thanks!!
I hope everyone had a great holiday!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cadillac Taste On A Ford Budget

Dior Patent Pumps $520

Oscar de la Renta Jacket $2,190
Oscar de la Renta Tweed Pants $990
Alexander Mcqueen Dress $1,670
Dior Deco Platform Pumps $670
Dior Sunglasses $290

Yes the above is so true. i had never heard this saying (see title) until last Friday at the mall. We were in Nordstrom and my mema(kinda like my grandmother) picked up a pair of shoes that she liked and put them down after she saw the price which she did a couple times and she said that she has "a Cadillac taste and a ford budget" which is kind of ironic because she does have a Cadillac and I don't think she's ever had a ford. Well needless to say it has stuck on since it is so true!! At least about me and most people I know.
Well c ya guys later!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Matte Lipstick $14.50
Limited edition Mac Lipglass $14.00
I love mac lipstick even if it is a tad expensive. We took a long anticipated trip to the mall this weekend and I got to see where Christan the fashion god well I wouldn't go that far worked I was too embarrassed to take a picture. Maybe next time. WE ARE GETTING AN AMERICAN APPAREL AN HOUR AWAY. Now if only we could get an anthropolgie or urban outfitters I would do a cartwheel with joy. Sorry for the short post but I have a huge history project due hopefully I have time tomorrow to post.
c ya later alligators

Friday, May 16, 2008

Old Navy Baby

Printed Skimmers/Flats $8.99 regular $16.50 (some styles are $10)
Suede Wedges $34.50
Jelly Gladiators $19.50
Plaid slingbacks $34.50
Metalic Funky Flip flops $9.50
Classic Flip Flops 2 for $5 regular 3.50 each
Patent slides $10.49 regular $14.50
Funky Toe Flip Flps $5

Printed flip flops $2.99
Blue Cardigan $16.50
Gree Puff Sleave Henly $16.50
Yellow Bow Dress $29.50
Beach Bag $14.50
Beach Bag $14.50

Camies buy 2 get them $5 each regular $8.50Powdered Milk Dress $23.70 regular $30.50(yes this was actually called powdered milk dress)
Pink Halter Dress $34.50 White Henly $15 regular $16.50
Blue Jersey Halter Top $10 regular $14.50
First off let me say that I am very mad that they changed their classic flip flops I mean come on they have like little grates on them and look like they would hurt my feet. I love old navy classics why change a good thing? actually i know someone probably fell and decided to tell old navy that if they didn't change the design they would sue so they but little grates on the inside. I mean its just like McDonald's and Fruit Roll ups people don't have enough common sense to know coffee it HOT and that you CAN"T EAT cellophane. But anyway some changes I like, the sandals are pretty good along with the selection of sale items they had also the new neon lights collection is OK. I am so ready for a break now I have pink eye and am home :(. You think that would be relaxing NOT. I am praying for school. Well c ya next post hopefully soon to follow
this one!!
PS speaking of flip flops I found this awesome site call FlipFlopStyle check it out!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Tag I'm It

I've been tagged by the wonderful Fashion Ivy so here it goes...

5 things found in my purse..

1) Wallet
2) Ipod
3) Cellphone
4) Glasses + Case
5) Gimp String (I have been obsessed with it lately)

5 things in my room...

1) Bed
2) Cork Side-Table
3) A Chair (I normally put books and clothes on it instead of sit on it)
4) Dress Form and Sewing Supplies
5) My American Girl Dolls (when I am 50 I will still have them)

5 things I've always wanted to do...

1) Travel Everywhere
2) Do Things I've Never Done
3) Go To Fashion Week
4) Meet Audrey Hepburn (hey there's a chance time travel anyone!!!)

5 things I'm currently into...

1) Blogging Of Course
2) One Tree Hill
3) Gimp (see above)
4) Reading As Always
5) The 1940's

5 impressions of Fashion Ivy

1) creative
2) Fashionable (obviously anyone who reads her blog knows that)
3) Genuine (as in not fake LOL)
4) Must Love The Sun ( she lives in the barbados for those who don't know)
5) A Fantastic Blogger!!!

The Nominees Please......
Fashion Addict
Her Coffee Party
Idealism Vs. Realism
Pearls And Purses

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sales = Love

$39.99 regular $58.00
$39.99 regular $78.00
$4.99 regular $28.00
$39.99 regular $68.00

$29.99 regular $68.00
$39.99 regular $58.00
$49.99 regular $78.00
$49.99 regular $98.00
$29.99 regular $48.00

Of course you all know by now that I love sales and Urban Outfitters so when they combine I almost explode. They had tones more some stuff was 50% off! Go to Urban Outfitters this link should take you right to the sale section. I'm not sure if this is an online only thing or what since we don't have a store in my state at all I think. We don't have much i didn't know that Fred Flare had a store until Tru over at The Perks Of Being A Wallflower said something in a post about it. As of now I have no clue what I am doing for the summer there might be lots of trips in clothes on this blog because both of the trips I had planned out got canceled. My grandmother just got back from her cruise to Puerto Rico, Haiti and St. Thomas. My aunt actually went zip lining. I am really afraid of heights but if i got the chance I would do it.............. I think. Well I'm off we are going to watch alvin and the chimpmucks because my little brothers haven't seen it and me and my mom are going to watch Juno after they go to bed and my stepdad leaves to go fishing.
C ya later and if you get anything from the sale let me know!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Must Haves

Marc Jacobs backwards heels to tell you the truth I don't know if I would want them but I would love a chance to try them on.
GoSmile toothpaste in 5 differnt flavors for $25.00

Of course these are the classic white keds I posted about a couple weeks ago. I still want them and for only about $36.00 at Zappos and probably cheaper somewhere else they are very worth it.

I saw this in Marie Antoinette and then on "I Want That" or what I call it I "I Can't Afford That". It's called Flowering Tea .Online its kind of expensive but on amazon they have sets pretty cheap. I really want this and i have for a while but now that I have found it cheap i might actually get it!

This is called a soap rock. Yes really it is soap. My mom brought me home one from the farmers market where some teenagers were selling them. They are kind of expensive at $14.95 a piece but they seem like they will last a pretty long while. They have lots more choices and gift sets. This one is turquoise and you can find more at Soap Rocks.
Surprisingly that's it. I am ready to relax. I do have to say something I am in a very breakfast at tiffany's mood in fact right now I am drinking milk out of a plastic wine glass leftover from
New Year's eve. I'd say im obsessed. which is very true.
goodnight and goodluck with anything you might need luck with:)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Splurge

Dior $590.00
Dior $695.00
Dior $515.00

Dior $180.00
Dior $195.00 (For my little sister of course)
Dolce And Gabbana $495.00
Dolce and Gabbana $100.00
Dior $510.00

Dior $195.00
Dior $530.00
Dior $590.00
Dior $550.00
Dior $430.00
Every once and a while I like to do a post that shows all of the extravagant things(shoes) I would have if I was super super rich. This shopping spree would come up toooooooo... drum roll.. please $5,575.00. There is no way I could spend that much money on shoes........ In one setting. Seriously there are people starving in the world. I mean not that I couldn't buy an expensive pair of shoes but I would have to give something back. I mean if I was rich and I spent almost $6,000 on shoes I would have to give at least $12,000 to charity to not feel super super guilty. Well I'm off! Check out my aunts blog called Idealism Vs. Realism she is surprisingly ok at it.
PS- does any one know how to find the words people search you under I'm interested to know!