Friday, May 16, 2008

Old Navy Baby

Printed Skimmers/Flats $8.99 regular $16.50 (some styles are $10)
Suede Wedges $34.50
Jelly Gladiators $19.50
Plaid slingbacks $34.50
Metalic Funky Flip flops $9.50
Classic Flip Flops 2 for $5 regular 3.50 each
Patent slides $10.49 regular $14.50
Funky Toe Flip Flps $5

Printed flip flops $2.99
Blue Cardigan $16.50
Gree Puff Sleave Henly $16.50
Yellow Bow Dress $29.50
Beach Bag $14.50
Beach Bag $14.50

Camies buy 2 get them $5 each regular $8.50Powdered Milk Dress $23.70 regular $30.50(yes this was actually called powdered milk dress)
Pink Halter Dress $34.50 White Henly $15 regular $16.50
Blue Jersey Halter Top $10 regular $14.50
First off let me say that I am very mad that they changed their classic flip flops I mean come on they have like little grates on them and look like they would hurt my feet. I love old navy classics why change a good thing? actually i know someone probably fell and decided to tell old navy that if they didn't change the design they would sue so they but little grates on the inside. I mean its just like McDonald's and Fruit Roll ups people don't have enough common sense to know coffee it HOT and that you CAN"T EAT cellophane. But anyway some changes I like, the sandals are pretty good along with the selection of sale items they had also the new neon lights collection is OK. I am so ready for a break now I have pink eye and am home :(. You think that would be relaxing NOT. I am praying for school. Well c ya next post hopefully soon to follow
this one!!
PS speaking of flip flops I found this awesome site call FlipFlopStyle check it out!


Skye said...

somehow I'm not a that big fan of flipflops. You know those rubber ones. I know they're comfortable (I've got one or two pairs) but they always seem kind of to me. Dunno but I definitely prefer summer shoes that have a bit of decoration or are somehow special.
But I definitely like that white Henley dress. So simple, so gorgeous!

Alexa said...

i went to oldnavy looking for that yellow dress and they ddin't have it, nor anything else i wanted. I was so mad. As for flip flops I swear by havaianas, their pricey but comfy and last for years.

Tru said...

i bought the patent slides in dark blue and they hurt my feet too much I guess i have a wide foot luckily my mother is a similar size so now she wears them and loves them

Caroline said...

i know, old navy is getting really cute. i just made a post on how i want gladiators, and seeing the ones on your blog made me really want to go to old navy and buy some jelly gladiators. or suede wedges. probably much more, though.

The Redheaded Bandit said...


Elizabeth said...

There's so much I want here!

Fashion Addict said...

great post! Too many fab shoes, I can't say which one I like the best!

Fashion Critic said...

jelly gladiators? now there is a first

Pamcasso said...

that yellow dress is adorable. I wear flip flops all the time, and I'm sad they changed the design, I haven't tried the new ones yet.

Pamcasso said...

that yellow dress is adorable. I wear flip flops all the time, and I'm sad they changed the design, I haven't tried the new ones yet.

Anonymous said...

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