Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May Day

Well happy may day. Everyone go put on a pretty dress, flowers in your hair and gather a round a ribbon pole. I wish we celebrated this holiday wouldn't we all love the excuse to dress springy and girly and play around. I learned a lot about may day thanks to wikipieda today. Did you know its also called International Workers day because of the fight for an 8 work day. Also it became a custom to give a sprig of Lilly of the valleys which are my favorite flower. If i got any of these points wrong correct me because since I don't celebrate it traditionally I'm not an expert. Tonight is ugly Betty with Christan it is going to be fierce with a capital hot tranny mess(why I just said that I have no clue). I wen to the dermatologist today the guy is kinda weird we went into his office and he has prescription pads in any color imaginable everywhere. also his office is wall to wall in books with random knick knacks and things around them. His desk was old fashion except for his i book and ipod(which was playing new Orleans ish music) of course his computer sat on top of other random prescription pads and papers. He was excentric to say the least. Well got to go work on my costume rendering for theater class. I'll post it when I'm done.

PS check out yesterdays post too!!

c ya later alligators


WendyB said...

Pretty pix!

Secretista said...

Yay, mayyy!! Too bad it's raining here. :(

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE Lily of the Valley, my favorite flower ever.