Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Splurge

Dior $590.00
Dior $695.00
Dior $515.00

Dior $180.00
Dior $195.00 (For my little sister of course)
Dolce And Gabbana $495.00
Dolce and Gabbana $100.00
Dior $510.00

Dior $195.00
Dior $530.00
Dior $590.00
Dior $550.00
Dior $430.00
Every once and a while I like to do a post that shows all of the extravagant things(shoes) I would have if I was super super rich. This shopping spree would come up toooooooo... drum roll.. please $5,575.00. There is no way I could spend that much money on shoes........ In one setting. Seriously there are people starving in the world. I mean not that I couldn't buy an expensive pair of shoes but I would have to give something back. I mean if I was rich and I spent almost $6,000 on shoes I would have to give at least $12,000 to charity to not feel super super guilty. Well I'm off! Check out my aunts blog called Idealism Vs. Realism she is surprisingly ok at it.
PS- does any one know how to find the words people search you under I'm interested to know!


WendyB said...

The baby shoes are so funny.

ellie said...

Shoes..beautiful ones are a work of art.

Elizabeth said...

Nice shopping list!

If you have a hit-/head-counter, like Site Meter, or one of the other ones, it'll offer a feature that allows you to follow the ways people found you, like searches.

Edirin said...

fantastic im in love with almost every item.

LoveLladro said...

The last 3 have my mouth watering... I love shoes ;~)

EvaAmarri said...

i dont think i could spend so much money on shoes either. i think it's very wasteful

Dollfaced Rebel said...

I ohhhed-ahhhhhed throughout this post, even down to the baby booties, which I thought were cute.

Unknown said...

kind of unsuspecting, however, carries some pretty cool designer shoes (and bags) for almost half off. i'm sure most are off-season, but still, there are some good deals:

Anonymous said...

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