Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sales = Love

$39.99 regular $58.00
$39.99 regular $78.00
$4.99 regular $28.00
$39.99 regular $68.00

$29.99 regular $68.00
$39.99 regular $58.00
$49.99 regular $78.00
$49.99 regular $98.00
$29.99 regular $48.00

Of course you all know by now that I love sales and Urban Outfitters so when they combine I almost explode. They had tones more some stuff was 50% off! Go to Urban Outfitters this link should take you right to the sale section. I'm not sure if this is an online only thing or what since we don't have a store in my state at all I think. We don't have much i didn't know that Fred Flare had a store until Tru over at The Perks Of Being A Wallflower said something in a post about it. As of now I have no clue what I am doing for the summer there might be lots of trips in clothes on this blog because both of the trips I had planned out got canceled. My grandmother just got back from her cruise to Puerto Rico, Haiti and St. Thomas. My aunt actually went zip lining. I am really afraid of heights but if i got the chance I would do it.............. I think. Well I'm off we are going to watch alvin and the chimpmucks because my little brothers haven't seen it and me and my mom are going to watch Juno after they go to bed and my stepdad leaves to go fishing.
C ya later and if you get anything from the sale let me know!!


WendyB said...

I like that first top.

Skye said...

I like all three dresses, especially the simple white one.

Elizabeth said...

The orange top is my favorite.

Pamcasso said...

I like the first top and the white dress, very cute. Urban outfitters' sales are great!

Unknown said...

the second dress is pretty cute.

Unknown said...
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Romany said...

Ooh cute!
My favourite is the white dress with the leather belt. I love that look - sometimes I wish I wasn't as ghostly pale as I am so that I could wear that sort of stuff...
Oh well, can't win 'em all can we?
Have you seen Juno before? You'll love it! Everybody does.


EvaAmarri said...

Hey you've been tagged. Check my blog