Monday, March 31, 2008

Come Get yourTee Shirts-Tees shirts HERE!!

urban outfitters

urban outfitters

urban outfitters

urban outfitters

busted tees $17.99

busted tees $17.99

(the future is in your hands) busted tees $14.99

cafe press $20.00

80s tees $26.00

Mr Rogers $20.00

go back to your playpen baby 80s tees $22.00

(this is why I'm hot) busted tees $17.99

sorry for the short post but I am ready to relax I have schools testing tomorrow

c ya later alligator's

Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Trip In Clothes

lounge top, $48

Lingerie bag also can be used for dirty clothes, $16

lounge top, $48

cropped lounge pants, $48

lounge pants, $48

dark wash jeans, 148

hipsters, $18

belt, $58

spanish moss necklace, $158

Lace hat, $38

wide eye shades, $28

wide eye shades, $28

boot cut jeans, $159

skirt, $98

turf and surf pants, $88

Dress, $138

brown pumps, $98

blouse(I have wanted this for forever and a day)$68

cropped jacket, $118

blouse, $78

tan cropped jacket, $128

cardigan, $128

blue flower pin, $88

grey dress, $158

tank top, $24

robe, $88

Ok while writing this I was watching Top 20 Travel Tips and decided to plan my trip across Europe in clothes from Anthropologie. One day i will travel through Europe but lets catch the price tag on these clothes drum roll please $2,301 yes over $2,000 crazy I know. Well after realizing the price of these clothes for "Europe" i realized that this would have to be a two part post expensive and inexpensive. I have to go do laundry so goodbye everyone.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

To my Blake, my Blake incarcerated

I know everyone is saying that and truth be told it is getting old the grammys have been over a while now but my god how freakin low my mouth dropped when she got her grammy and did her now legendary acceptance speech ahh a classic for all who have used that quote before me I apologize. It is a great honor and I love you Fashion Ivy thanks for the Nomination!!!! i guess I am supposed to nominate some people so here it goes.

Wendy Brandes
Walmart Will do
Plain Jayne
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Style

All of you derserve this award but I could only pick a few of you

c ya later alligater

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Finds From Fred Flare












Well I said I would do this post but I really wasn't going to but by a turn of events i actually had time. now it isn't as detailed as i would have liked but the events turned fast so at least I am on the computer. Well sorry for the short post but my heart just isn't in it tonight I am ready for the weekend.

C ya next time