Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A New Point Of You: Living Room/Area

candle holder $10.00

Clock $14.99

side table $32.00

curtains $36.00

pillow $28.00

pillow $28.00

rug $28.00

daybed/sofa $480.00

I couldn't decide so this one is also a daybed/sofa
and $480.00

pictures $19.99(was $40.00)

pictures $15.00 each(2 for $22.00)

pillow $28.00

Well all these items are from Urban Outfitters and a tad bit cheaper then anthropologie. I love this look for a studio apartment very movable and small looks. I love the daybed/sofa idea but he prices are not so good I mean you could get a sofa for a lot cheaper at a furniture store but its still cute(both of them). Well this post has taken a lot longer then planned thanks to interruptions. I have off tomorrow so expect a better post maybe a study or kitchen post.

Love you all

BTW: OTH tonight Alex Richards We will have commenting to do!!


Anonymous said...

ooo love the pillows!

Unknown said...

i am really into that rug.

alexgirl said...

I love that tree branch/curtain thing. So pretty.
I didn't get to watch OTH! I Tivoed it and will report back as soon as I see it, but I'm going out of town. Might have to watch this weeks and next weeks back to back and then discuss!!! I hope it wasn't bad news for Haley & Nathan! haha.

Elizabeth said...

I think it's time to re-do my living room! This is all really great.

Elizabeth said...

And thanks for visiting me, Kiki!