Sunday, August 31, 2008

Emma Watson In Vogue Italia

I was pretty excited when I found out that Emma Watson was featured in Vogue Italia. I think the spread is really good. I really wish there was a way to get Italian vogue here in the US! Let me know what you think about the spread!

bye hope you all have a good rest of the weekend!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's all Good In the Hood

OK I really want this shirt I loved Mr. Rogers.
I used to watch him with my grandma all the time.



$49.50, this is my favorite

Urban Outfitters

$54 (Paris), I like this one too

$54 (Rio)




$14.99 regular $34.50

So the reason for this post was to show you the awesome Mr. Rogers shirt and to get some feedback on the hoddies. I have started to realize that it is going to get chillier and that my locker is so far away from my bus that I would end up missing it if I had to go get my jacket. So up until I can't stand it anymore I am going to get a hoodie that is portable enough to carry around with me so I won't have to miss my bus. now when the times comes I do need a jacket I don't know what I am going to do but for now this is my solution. so if any of you have a better/funnier solution to share be my guest oh and hoodie selections are also welcome! OK well bye til tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's Long Overdue.. Like My Libary Books

Mini Robo Vacuum $18

Let's Cook Japanese Cookbook $22.95

Audrey Hepburn: The Paramount Years $24.95

Juno Phone $26

Simply Organic Cookbook $24.95

Charlie Brown for President Tee $28

Nancy Drew Handbook $16.95
Staple Free Magic Stapler $8

Let's Paint 90's Water Color $13.95

Nancy Drew Guide To Life Book $5.95

Hemline Stationary Set $9.95

1,001 Ways To Save the Earth Book $9.95

Smart Women Desk Kit $15.95

Smart Women Postcards $10.95

Mini Vacuum Friends $20 (I know I post them a lot but I am getting them)

Kate Spade 2009 Desk Calender $20

So a Fred Flare Post was definitely overdue, just to add my library books are overdue because of my aunt who went away without giving them to me. Sorry library I will have them back next week and I will have the fine in FULL! So school is going OK except I think all of my friends got switched to a different lunch so today I was pretty alone but hey that gives me a chance to read the library books I couldn't because it was at my very book stealing aunt's house for two weeks!! I really miss Fred Flare and urban outfitters, so expect more of those posts. I probably won't post tomorrow because I need to catch up on all of your lovely bloggers blogs(was that redundant?). Bye guys, look for a project runway post soon, is anyone else kind of disappointed this year? I mean why is Blaine still there.


Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm Back...

Sorry but I had to post those "back to school" cartoons I thought they were pretty funny. Anyway I am back to regular posting the last week was pretty hectic with having to start school and all I just wanted to relax. Today was kinda easy I only got lost once which is what I put for my best accomplishment on my get to know you paper in health. The only thing is Tech Ed the teacher is nice but I have no interest in it but I have to take it to graduate and I pretty much get done what I need to graduate the first year which is pretty awesome. It's so weird not being called by my grade name and being called different names and I always get Sophomore and Junior confused. Well i hope all of you had a great day in school or not!

See you guys tomorrow

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to Prison.... I Mean School I Said School

Yep I go back to school tomorrow sorry for not really posting the last week but I've been trying to relax a little or more like I haven't had time. OK so bye everyone I will post tomorrow but right now I want to go watch the Law and Order: Criminal Intent marathon. Have a great day for those who start tomorrow and the ones who are lucky and don't!


PS I just thought this cartoon was funny I know its kind of random to the post

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Spending Has Started

Full Potential Lip gloss/Plumper in luscious lilac $17.50

Super Moisture Makeup in ivory $22.50

Foundation Brush $28.00

Brow Shaper in soft brown $14.50

Blended Face Powder in invisible blend $18.50

Being a Whole New you: Priceless

So yesterday I went to the clinique counter to get a little makeover, I had a great lady who didn't try to sell me the counter and take me out of all my money. She had gotten the wrong color and redid my face for me even though she didn't have my color in stock and had to get it from her supplies. Then she even gave me a little bottle full of it so I would have it until it came into stock and didn't charge me for it. But all in all my bill did come out to about $83 and of course I didn't come on the day when they give a cool tote bag or lip gloss if you spend over $35 I got two little journals but they are Eco friendly and pretty cool. Well I came into the house and my little brother looked at me and said "kiki you look new' for those of you that don't know kiki is not my real name but everyone in my family calls me that because my little brother couldn't say my real name and it stuck and no it is not Kirstin is doesn't even start with a K and kiki really has no relation to my name at all but moving on. I really do love it and I look really different if you are looking for makeup go for clinique its worth the money. I still feel guilty for spending that much. I tend to only like to spend theoretical money like sometimes if I am bored I will go online and give my self a fake $1,000 shopping spree dorky I know but I hate spending other peoples money and when your 14 that's all you really can do. But I am known as a first national bank because I always lend people money which is why I always have none and whats really funny is my parents are the ones who I lend the money too.

bye everybody