Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's Long Overdue.. Like My Libary Books

Mini Robo Vacuum $18

Let's Cook Japanese Cookbook $22.95

Audrey Hepburn: The Paramount Years $24.95

Juno Phone $26

Simply Organic Cookbook $24.95

Charlie Brown for President Tee $28

Nancy Drew Handbook $16.95
Staple Free Magic Stapler $8

Let's Paint 90's Water Color $13.95

Nancy Drew Guide To Life Book $5.95

Hemline Stationary Set $9.95

1,001 Ways To Save the Earth Book $9.95

Smart Women Desk Kit $15.95

Smart Women Postcards $10.95

Mini Vacuum Friends $20 (I know I post them a lot but I am getting them)

Kate Spade 2009 Desk Calender $20

So a Fred Flare Post was definitely overdue, just to add my library books are overdue because of my aunt who went away without giving them to me. Sorry library I will have them back next week and I will have the fine in FULL! So school is going OK except I think all of my friends got switched to a different lunch so today I was pretty alone but hey that gives me a chance to read the library books I couldn't because it was at my very book stealing aunt's house for two weeks!! I really miss Fred Flare and urban outfitters, so expect more of those posts. I probably won't post tomorrow because I need to catch up on all of your lovely bloggers blogs(was that redundant?). Bye guys, look for a project runway post soon, is anyone else kind of disappointed this year? I mean why is Blaine still there.



asuthrngrl said...

look...this your book-stealing aunt who is EXTREMELY forgetful. you know this. i am so sorry. AND i told you i would pay the whole 35 cents you owe. geez. i love you too.

Jaclyn said...

I love the Juno phone! I want one!
I go back to school in a week, and I am not really looking forward to homework and such. Glad school is ok for you.

Elizabeth said...

There's lots and lots of cute stuff in this post! I don't need a vacuum elephant, but I really want one anyway!

jae said...

OH GOSH! fredflare.com takes up a majority of my wishlist sometimes. along with stuff from uo that is way too expensive.
wow. i want that vacuum robot too.

Anonymous said...

oh fredflare, so awesome you are.
I have totally been disappointed in PR this season. ugh. No one really impresses me or stands out.

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