Saturday, July 26, 2008


Almost Lipstick $14.00
Pressed Powder $19.00
High Definition Lashes $4.00
Superbalm Moisturizing Lip gloss $13.50
Almost Powder Makeup $22.50
Brow Keeper $14.50
Advanced Concealer $14.00

So everyone I am in need of new makeup, I was thinking about changing to Clinique but I am not sure hence the post. I was really wondering what makeup you guys use or think is the best. Please let me know. My ebay auction will become available again sometime today, I will have the link at the ready for everyone. I am off to my grandparents house again till Monday again. but expect a nice good post on Tuesday when I will have time to myself without being bombarded with people asking when they can get on the computer. Which is why this post is so short, now my sister is now begging.
Bye everybody see you soon.


Jaclyn said...

I personally love MAC Makeup. I use their eyeshadows and lipglosses and I love it.

..... said...

what about L'Oreal make up line ?

Sophie G. said...

much more afforadble than the bronzer i posted about..!
i love clinique :)


Mica said...

I have clinique lip gloss, lipstick and mascara and I carry all 3 around with me in my makeup bag - I'm never without them. I really really love the mascara.
My sister swears byt he foundation, but I haven't tried any other makeup. Definitely good value for money though, their products last a long time.

yiqin; said...

I don't use expensive makeup! My eyeliner is from NYX ( a mcuh cheaper alternative compared to MAC, trust me! I have both! :) ) & mascara's loreal :)

sophie said...

I have Clinique mascara and I love it, and my friend has the eyeliner and she says it's great. I recommend's really good quality and products without a HUGE price.

Your Sunshine said...

I use many different types of makeup from mac and esdee lauder to mark and loreal. but i bought that mascara and i hated it. the mascara gathered in the comb part and made my lashes really clumpy