Sunday, April 27, 2008

I really have spring fever

loafers $19.99 (payless)
Blouse $19.80 (forever 21)
Jeans $19.80 (forever 21)
Wood Necklace $5.80 (forever 21)
Outfit # 2
Flip flops $9.99 (payless)
Dress $19.80 (forever 21)
jelly sandal $9.90 (forever 21)
necklace $7.80 (forever 21)

I really have been in a spring mood of late(lol). I hope to have a better post tomorrow but tonight I'm really not in it.
c ya tomorrow


WendyB said...

Cute dress.

alexgirl said...

I love the red sun dress. Very cute.
I totally have spring fever too!

Dollfaced Rebel said...

Ahhh, Spring. I loved everything from the shoes to the wooden necklace.

Elizabeth said...

I have spring fever too! These are cute.

Anonymous said...

these pictures made me want to dress i am tomorrow! :) i love the loafers, except the payless in our mall here i will admire them from a distance!