Friday, April 25, 2008

Springtime is the land awakening

$29.99(was 68.00)

Hi I'm back in full swing. For those of you who guessed about the bucket it was enc who had one of the answers in many ways. But none of you got the other it was because I didn't kick the bucket it was hard I know. I love all of the dresses above and of course they are from Urban Outfitters. I love spring but it has been kind of hot in the house and my step dad refuses to turn on the air conditioning yet LOL. Ok well I'm off to play on webkinz yes i got one a cute little pig named I don't know yet!!


Elizabeth said...

Awww, these dresses are so cute! Thanks for giving me that nice mention. :D And sorry about the forgetfulness on my part, I made a note on my post about you being the one who tagged me.

Tru said...

love them for dresses though I do think they're overpriced