Saturday, April 12, 2008

Can Ya Keep A Secret Like Victoria

bedding, $69(twin)$89(full/Queen)

Pj set, $35.00

boyshorts, 3 for $30.00 many colors and patterns

babydoll dress, $55.00

floral sleeved dress, $75.00

long sleeve dress, $95.00

off the shoulder blouse, $38.00
sweatshirt dress/cover up, $38.50
babydoll dress, $39.00
pants, $39.50
Blue blouse, $48.00
sorry for the stupidfalious title but it was the first thing that popped into my head. Victoria secret has grown on me I remember when I was little I hated going into that store with my mom or aunt, for some reason it really embarrassed me. I like their casual collection the most because basically i can't fill any of their bras LOL. i never have tried any of the above on but I am hoping you don't have to be so ummmmm chesty to actually look good in them. I figured I would leave my swimsuit a day thing for when I had no time. I really want to shop for spring but I am flat broke a the moment so that's not an option. I am trying to tan I use olay gradual tanner but I find that Vaseline gradual tanner works better and faster and is cheaper so I think I'm going back to that. I am very picky about sun so their is no way I would be out there "baking". So i am going to stick with my gradual tanner. It has been so nice this weekend but they are saying back into the 40 degree range next week all you lucky warm people next week take a dip in the pool for me!
C ya next week maybe Monday or Tuesday i am taking a relax(and clean) day tomorrow but I might add the week/month bar and change some things around here
Happy Spring Cleaning!!


EvaAmarri said...

Hey kiki. the interview's up

Elizabeth said...

They've really expanded their line over time. I remember when it was nothing but tawdriness, page after page.

(Hey, sorry, I thought I'd added your blog to my sidebar weeks ago, but I discovered tonight that I hadn't. I just did!)

Jaclyn said...

We don't have Victoria Secret here, but we are starting to get some of their lines in some stores which I am happy about.

Romany said...

The minute I get to America (in however many years that may be), the first thing I do will be a trip to a Vicky's Secret store. I've got a big chest, too big for their sizes, so I'm like you in that I can't really wear their stuff either lol. But their casual clothes are super cute so maybe I'll just stick with those...

Secretista said...

The real question is, can I afford Victoria Secret?

Alya said...

I think Victoria's Secret is growing on me too.. Its famous for its underwear, but now its got something else to show.

Gold Stars to you for refusing to bake under the sun! Now if only I can do the same...

Anonymous said...

And I like Victoria's secret, really cool and comfortable underwear.

Anonymous said...

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