Saturday, April 5, 2008

Nordstrom, Roberto Cavalli $1,430.00
Victoria Secret $28.99(on sale)

Nordstom, Marc Jacobs $590.00

Zappos $60.00

Zappos $51.00 Zappos $65.00

Zappos $51.00 Zappos $69.00

Nordstrom, Roberto Cavalli $990.00

Urban Outfitters $28.00
Urban Outifitters $58.00

Nordstrom, Roberto Cavalli $1295.0

Anthropologie $88.00

Nordstrom, Marc Jacobs $995.00

Anthropologie $228.00
anthroplogie $318.00

Target $16.00

Target $34.00
It is very rarely that I do an expensive designer post only and today I was planning on doing just that until I realized it was just plan stupid. Yes it took me a while to find cheaper pieces but it was worth the time. I love all of the Roberto Cavalli pieces and of course the Marc Jacobs but come on I know I can't afford any of it and I am doubtful many of you can too. I mean the cheaper priced pieces are pretty nice and won't kill our wallet although the two purses from anthropologie are up there in price. I really hope you enjoy this post and if you like the shoes go on and search black pump slingbacks they have tons more and hit the $39.99-$69.00 you will get tons of shoes in this price range that look just as good as Marc's mouthwatering open toed pumps. For my next post I am hoping to do an "old meets new" about Marie Antoinette since Tru gave the great idea(thanks). Also I am currently working on some ironic pieces like a "tissue paper thin" and "Drawing the Curtains" dresses so hopefully I can post them I as I finish them.
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C ya later


Anonymous said...

The red Marc handbag is so nice, I want it, badly.

Link exchange? Sure thing!

enc said...

I tried on that white-and-purple Cavalli dress, and it's very flattering. Lots of cool things in this post!

enc said...

I meant that the dress if flattering in general, not just on me! I realized I sounded like a goof when I wrote that. ;)


omg i love those marc jacob sling backs!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to exchange links.Your blog is wonderful too ,I love your opst on Marie Antoinette, I liked the movie and she is one of the only historical figures that fascinate me.

Fashion Ivy said...

hey kiki i was wondering if i could interviw u. tell me wat u think. let me no wat u think

Anonymous said...

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Fashion Ivy said...

Ok cool. Well I'll email u the questions. If u dont want to put ur address in my comments section, just send it to me at

peace and love