Saturday, October 18, 2008

Look For Less, Anthropologie VS. Target

Ring $138
Hoodie $148
Tee $78
Jeans $178
Scarf $38
Shoes $98

For a grand total of: $768


Scarf $12.99

Tee $7.99
Cardigan $16.99
Jeans $24.99
Necklace $29.99

Shoes $29.99

Purse $19.99 (this is an anya hindmarch for target cool, right)
For a grand total of: $142.93 and we even got an extra item
Sorry, I haven't posted in forever but things have been hectic lately. I was so excited that Anya Hindmarch is doing a line for target in case her name doesn't bring a reminder this will "I am not a plastic bag" yes the $5 bags that sold for $100's on eBay after they were sold out. Next week is Spirit Week so I will post the outfits I wear over the week. Next week should be better post wise because I have my schedule pretty good so it will probably go like this
Monday: Volunteer + Young Life Meeting (I might start Yoga too)
Tuesday: Boot camp class+ post
Wednesday: Swimming+post maybe
Thursday: interact probably
Friday: Yearbook no post because of homecoming game
Saturday: Homecoming dance if I can get a ticket
Sunday: Post
So good in no time I should have caught up on my posts!


Elizabeth said...

It's nice to see a post from you. It sounds like you're a busy girl, and like you're having fun.

NonchalantMod said...

i need that anthropologie ring!

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