Thursday, November 1, 2007

Tired,Wiped and need Friday

$14 love this and Holly but this is maybe too gaudy

$54 for these hot heels

$80 cute jacket (just a tad expensive)

$24 cute Cherry Blossom watch locket

I'm so tired, wiped and can't wait till tomorrow. Friday all I ever wanted needed the weekend not the exact words but they'll do. Any way the past week has gone well not fast but at a speedy rate and I have not posted very good due to pure laziness I suppose. But I plan to revive my self tonite with my list if my top 5 things I want and/or need at the moment from Fred Flare.


alexgirl said...

I love the watch locket. That is super cute!
Hope you had a good weekend, and you're revived now.

ps-changed the name on your comment on my blog, no worries!

Anonymous said...

i love the necklace- it's on my xmas list ALREADY! tee hee...well check my blog out sometime, it's MEGA amazing! So's urs. Lol Bye