Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fashion is Way Of Expressing Youself

I love trenches

I would definitely wear this outfit

I would wear this in an instant trow on my aviators and I'd be ready
to go

Ah theese are the Christian Louboutins I could never afford

This is cuter blown up I think it is by Saks too

This model looks like one of the Bratz on crack but the coat is nice

This is from Saks its real cute, but I didn't check the price

This model looks deranged what did she just get off a 3 year tour to Africa and this is what she wore, and if you zoom on on the her hands you can she every bone and vein in both of her hands.
Hi well I have a very annoying mother talking to me while I have been posting so I will try to write a longer post in more peace tomorrow.
PS- like the title I was leaning toward an Audrey Hepburn quote but I figured you guys got too many of them from me lately. And yes I know it is chessy and doesn't really go with the post. It was the first thing that poped into my head can you blame me.
your randomness,


What's Haute said...

nice stuff!

Jaclyn said...

I really like the sweater dress outfit, the boots are amazing in it.