Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Why Worry About Back To School When......

You Don't Have One!

O.k well here's the scoop, I moved from a city to a small town last November ,I was thrilled
(Sarcasm: harsh or bitter derision or irony, a sharply ironical taunt;sneering or cutting remark). So I changed schools, well I hated my new one and most people in it.So in early March I went to look at a Private school because my school is the only public Jr. high in the area.Well I got accepted to go there, but things came up so going there this year was out of the question and I was planning on grinning and bearing it at the public school.Well one of my friends called me and asked about my schedule and I realized I hadn't gotten one. So my mom called the school to see if I hadn't gotten it yet because we moved and they didn't get our address. Come to find out the private school took all my records so the public school withdrew me without me knowing. So in order for me to re- register I have to wait for my mema(sorta like my grandma but not by blood) to get back from vacation to prove we rent the house from her. That's all good but she doesn't get back till Monday night school starts Tuesday and registering takes 1 to 2 days to finalize so ill miss like the first three days of school. I know no big deal but i haven't had a normal school year in like two years with moving.Ugh so to end it all i mite go to the Private school in the end.

Could you answer me this: Why does life never go as planned?

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