Monday, August 20, 2007

Back to school, Part 3.....Jeans

O.K finding a good range of jeans in one picture is hard work. So as Wide Leg jeans are the new Skinny jeans and Skinnys were the new Bootleg and Bootleg was the new Flare, am I confusing you because I'm confused. Jeans go in and out all the time. So why not get your style. If you like Wide Leg stay with Wide Leg if your Bootleg stay with Bootleg and so on. I spent alot of money on a pair of black Skinny jeans and I feel like i can't where them because their "out of style".

My point: Stick to your jean style and i mean stick to it, Blog Readers(sorry for that phrase in a harry potter mood).

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Anonymous said...

I'm still wearing my skinnies and I think so is everyone else I see around NYC, I think they will be out come next Spring, it takes awhile with the trickle down effect...but like you wrote yourself wear what works for you, I am still wearing my flares and wide legs too, whatever goes with my top and whole ensemble each day, I love all eras of fashion!