Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Not enough brain circulation to think of a good title

OK well today I should have started school but with the other happenings (see You don't have to worry about back to school when...for further details) going on I am not. Today so far I have woken up, took my brother to his bus stop and went out to Denny's for breakfast. Then my aunt dropped me off and took my little brother with her for a nap. So here I am alone (Thank God) and blogging about my just Blah day so far. I swear I sat looking at my back round on my computer for ten minutes, before I logged on, wishing I could be there walking up the street to shop(my back round is cabs zooming down on what looks like 5th avenue in NYC). Today is going t be a boring day. I mite post again tonite after reading my new W magazine that will hopefully give some inspiration for a good post.

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Anonymous said...

ooo is that the W w/ gwyneth on the cover, tell me if the interview is as weird as the photoshoot?