Sunday, July 29, 2007

A New Rainy Day!

I love this Swivel Office Chair - Apple Green from Target its nice and clean cut perfect for the
desk in my room. Or yours. Added Plus its only $59.99, not too bad.

This Raincoat is so cute, its not your everyday, yellow catastrophe you normally see.

This Ramosport Polka Dot Trench is adorable but its also all weather which is nice.

One minor setback at least for me its $295 at Nordstrom. A little on the pricey side.

The Dress is cute too, also a Target find. I dislike plaid(hate is a strong word) but this can be one

of limited exceptions. It's very 70's to me. Or maybe something Amanda Bynes character in

Hairspray the movie(it was very good for those who are wondering) would wear. Plus its only $24.99.


Tru said...

cool and welcome to the fashion blog sphere. I look foward to reading more from your blog. if you need any help, drop me a line. it can be tough getting started, I remeber. and unfortunatly I have not seen Hairspray yet though I think my mom and I are going to go on Tuesday!!

Bella said...

Welcome to the elite world of the bloggerati...jk ;)...I LOVE that plaid jumper thingy...SO ADORABLE...

the assistant said...