Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Evil That Is.......

Yes the girl everyone loves or loves to hate(I'll take the latter). I have to say there is no one more who gets under my skin like Hannah Montana. Sadly I now have an addiction to her show. This is the question I'm asking how can someone you dislike so much make a show you have involuntarily fallen in love with. I am going to do what all addicts have done before me, blame someone else.
So for my addiction I blame:
1. my little cousin for watching this show and singing her songs until I have been able to recite lines.
2. Her constant media coverage
3. good plot lines besides the whole under cover pop star thing way.... to over played
4. and lastly the writers strike even though my addiction started before this awful historical event
fashion post tomorrow I promise!

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..... said...

hahha !! that's funny !! i have the same problem