Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I've Been Experiencing Technical difficulties

Yes blogger has been giving me some difficulties which is why my header has been obscured and a lack of posts has been relevant thanks to my upload blogger pictures function not working so sadly the eye will have to be my header picture for right now and the not so clear winner will have to wait. In other news I have been tagged, so without further ado....

1) I have a not so secret addiction to harry potter as in I live for Mugglecast and visit Mugglenet regularly for HP updates and participate on Mugglenet Interactive( I'm kiki29302 if your wondering). I know its sad but hey if you could read a book and instantly be taken away to a magical world you would be obsessed too(maybe my view is a little bit biased).

2) How Do I top that^, I'm from the City and was dragged over a year ago to a place I will often refer too as Corn Country. Even though my old life is separated by just 1 hour and a huge bridge being stuck in Corn Country feels like being a lifetime away from my old friends which many of whom I've lost touch with sadly. But hey over a year of "country living" I'm finally beginning to cope which does not mean that I won't bash hick town every chance I get. Oh And I can sound like a total heartless person Example A. LOL

3) I am the probably the only person in my school that knows that Karl Lagerfeld said this "Only the minute and the future are interesting in fashion – it exists to be destroyed. If everybody did everything with respect, you'd go nowhere." and god forbid they even know who he is I mean knowing the guy who designed your bag should be against the law.

4.) I love to design obviously, but since June my dress forms, kits and sewing machine have been packed up and unless I go into the garage and kill myself trying to get the 3 boxes under the hundreds if not more I will not get them until we leave this temporary home which means not until we buy a house. Which truthfully makes me really upset.

5) I'm still some years from collage but sometimes I will spend hours looking for the right college for me even though I know i will change my mind :)

6) I would love to travel and if I was millionaire or at least "well off" I would be going to boarding school in Ireland or Scotland.

7) I am listening to Summer of '69 right now and if you knew that I would have to call the police.

Hopefully blogger will be working and i can show you the goodies I found From Fred Flare and Urban Outfitters.


WendyB said...

You have my sympathies over your technical problems. I can relate!

Kseniya said...


The Redheaded Bandit said...

im a HP fan too!!!!!!!!!!! Iwebt to a book seven midnight party. Two actually, I party hopped. Also I live out in the boonies too. We don't have a starbucks for22 miles. How lame is that!!!

lily said...

lol i look at university's (as they see in england) too! My sis as currently at uni and i cant wait till its my turn