Saturday, January 12, 2008

Whats In Your Bag

a pen and pencil

Mac lipglass in oyster girl or in flourdibundance whichever one is in there at the time
Random piece of paper ans some harry potter post it notes(not pictured)

Covergirl compact

wallet(this was the closest I could find to mine its the same color but plain pink with
coach written on it)

My lovely Ipod

Spearmint Chapstick
Well I was tagged by Bianca at Fashion Ivy for 6 things in your bag well I have 7 but who's counting. So Since I am still a little sick I really don't feel like adding on to this post anymore Sorry!! I Tag.............. Tru, Alex Richards,Countrygirl-Citylife, Jayne, SHE♥FAHSHUN so happy posting to all of you!!!!!!
PS: One tree hill rocked please comment if you would enjoy more one tree hill post!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I've been hoping someone would tag me for this. Yay!!!! Thanks! I love your waller, as you have probably already guessed I have quite a place in my heart for Coach.

Marie-Kristine said...

I'm addicted to chapstick, not gonna lie.

alexgirl said...

I love the Mac lipgloss. Very cool. And I can't believe you have Harry Potter post it notes. That's cool.

Thanks for tagging me!!!! I am totally going to do this, because it seems like a lot of fun. I'll get to it later this week.

Tru said...

Ill get on that post, right away...I can only put 6 things huh? I know I have a alot more than that lol

Paul Pincus said...

Fun post!

Mónica said...

That wallet is so cool. the message is awesome, despite I am sure anyone is following it...

Anonymous said...

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