Monday, June 2, 2008

Anthro Finds

Prytania Blouse $68(also in red)
Springspiel Necklace $298
Quaters Cardi $78(in red and black also)
Lissome Length Pants $130
Globemallow Dress $188
Burly Beads Necklace $118
Coeur Et Ame Flats $68
Latana Slingbacks $88

Racing Stripes Scoop neck $68
Mira Loma Tank $68(also in yellow)
Sunny Morning Cardigan $98

Flute Song Skirt $148(in black also)

After I got my catalog for anthropologie I knew I had to do a quick post on some of there new items and of course anthro is ALWAYS two things fantastic and expensive!! But that's OK for me its like a married women saying how much they love a certain singer or actor you can look but you can't have. They are just too much sometimes but that doesn't stop me from loving them although I try not to post them too often because I like showing clothes that are at least OK in price. Hopefully next post will be on Fred Flare because I haven't done one in a while!!
c ya later
only 6 1/2 days


Monika said...

Cute items, but way to overpriced.

Anonymous said...

yum Anthro!

but I agree with Chililady, their shoes (among other things) are often WAY overpriced

Elizabeth said...

I love Anthro. V. expensive, though. I agree with the ladies above.


nice choices here!! (:

bianca said...

i love love love anthropologie, but unfortunately have not bought anything from there yet. but i just might because the myth and legend cardigan is now on sale! yayayayayyyyy