Monday, June 23, 2008

Shhhh.. Do You Wanna Know A Secret

OK so I got a text message today from Urban Outfitters (I am apart of there text club) about a "secret sale". It's more like I was one of the thousands of people to know about it first lol. But its an extra 20% off of an already reduced sale price. Its only til the 25Th. All you have to do is enter SECRETSALE2 at the checkout. I really hope Urban isn't mad about this since many people already know about it and it will be released soon. Plus most people who read this blog like Urban so they probably already know. Hey I mean if one person knows why not tell which will lead me to my Neiman Marcus cookie posty thing tomorrow.

Bye guys happy shopping!!!


Alexa said...

i got an email about it today, their not good at keeping secrets haha.

Your Sunshine said...

want to put links in each others sites?