Saturday, June 28, 2008

Calling All Infomercial Aholics

So if any of you readers have been up one morning and turned on the TV you know that what Bare Minerals is along with the "magic bullet", the "ab lounger" and of course other endless amount of "as seen on TV" crap. For all of you who actually called about the product in question Bare Minerals, does it work or is it just another scummy type product like the pancake flipper. We have a store "Bare Essentials" about 45 minutes away and I've been wanting to try it but is it worth it? Please let me know if you know anyone who has tried it or you yourself have and what you/they thought. And if not what makeup product you prefer.


Anonymous said...

new blog!!
linked ya already..and i do have bareminerals, it does work, just if you pot too much of ''warmth'' on you look orange, but other than that, it's great! :)

Mica said...

I have heard about this brand of makeup, but I'm not a big makeup person so I haven't tried it sorry!

Thanks for your comment on my blog though, I'd love to exchange links :) I've linked to you, I like your view on your profile that owning lots of expensive items isn't's just owning lots of things! I'd laugh if someone did have 25 pairs of uggs though!

Sophie G. said...

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AsianCajuns said...

Here's the thing about Bare Minerals: it really does work if you apply it right (rubbing the power in your face vigorously with a kabuki brush), but a number of people (like myself) find that our faces get itchy after wearing it for a couple of minutes. Some don't really mind this feeling, but it was to intense for me and I returned my Bare Minerals. So I say try it out because if you don't react the same way, it's definitely worth the money.

thefashionhead said...

At first, I got the foundation but didn't get the brush because it was too expensive. Then I caved and bought a whole kit that included eye brightener, bronzer, blush, and their mineral veil along with 3 brushes when the kit was on sale and it was a GREAT deal. The brushes are expensive but totally worth it. I say wait until they go on sale in kit form, that's when you can get the best deals. I also have an eyeshadow/liner that I rarely wear but I wear all of the powders from the kit all the time and it never looks powdery on my face. I think its a good makeup investment.

Lovely blog, by the way.

sophie said...

Bare Minerals is my favorite makeup- it feels so light on me and I love the natural colors. I definitely recommed it.

Thank you so much for the comment! I love your blog and will definitely do a link exchange with you.

Ashleigh said...

I would def go with it- I find esp for summer, its perfect (feels like wearing nothing ad has 15 spf). Makes my skin look like porcelain and not cakey at all- I used to wear liquid foundations which made me look kinda "fake'- I love bare minerals (dont think I will go back to liquids!)...I would STRONGLY reccomend getting the kit if you go with this product

Anonymous said...

i've tried bare minerals and i've tried alot of other drugstore products and they do the same thing, cover all of out little imperfections except bare minerals is very expensive, if you want something with the same quality as bare minerals go to your local walgreens store and buy Jane minerals, they look exactly like bareminerals and they have good brushes too. bring along a friend to choose the right color because personally i would rather spend less on makeup you wash off everynight

Anonymous said...

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