Monday, October 22, 2007

About Me

Well I decided to give my fellow bloggers some tidbits about myself. For some reason no matter what site I'm on or where I am people always ask questions well here's your answers.

How old are you?
Like I'm going to say, lets just put between 1 and 100

Who's your favorite designer?
Christan Dior

Do you use a pen name or is your name KiKi( because all of my user names say kiki in them somewhere I get asked this alot?
It is a pen name its what my little brother used to call me and now the whole family does.

Whats your real name then?
Whats the point of a pen name I'll give you a hint its not Kristan contraryto popular belief

Why does your hair look different?
I burned the top of my head with the strainting iron and the cliphurts it when I pull my bangs back

Are you going to keep it that way?
I'm thinking about it

Why did you start a blog?
Truthfully I was sick of anonymous coming up when I commented (seriously)

What is one of your obsessions?
Ummmmmmmm. *Coughs* Harry Potter

Favorite Movie?
Duh...... Breakfast At Tiffanys

Wish you had?
A million dollars

No really.
I would like a dog but that's imposable right now,or to go to boarding school in Europe again imposable.

Would like in the near future?
To Win Football Pool this week

Wish wasn't happening in near future?
HSA math test benchmark tomorrow.

Anything else?
I have PE next quarter did I mention the teacher lives next door

Well I have I put you too sleep feel free to ask any other question pshhh like my life is that interesting.

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