Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Get Your Picket Signs Cause.....

Hollywood is on Strike, well not yet haven't heard the news have you been living in a cave or am I the only nerd who reads Entertainment Magazine. So here is the scoop well the Writers Guild has gone on strike well not formally but if they don't get an agreement signed by the end of October (I think the 28Th) they will be. And if the issue is not resolved by July they will be joined by the Actors Guild and other Guilds/Associations that make Tinsel Town run. So production studios are now buying every script or plot or idea they can get their greedy hands on so they can still make movies if this strike really does happen. To tell you the truth if they hadn't said they would stop production on Harry Potter 6 this would mean nothing to me ( I have a sad sad addiction to Harry Potter I need HPA).Can you imagine La Lohan with a picket sign rallying around Sunset ah what a historic moment it would be.
Well goodbye

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