Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Ah time for a long thought out post well more like a rambling of random words.

Well today we had a delay due to fog and we had my favorite class Impact yeah the class where I do nothing every Wednesday for 45 Min's and hear teachers complain about what a waste the class is. Well as I was sitting in History listening to my ruler twirling teacher whom I was the only one to laugh when he dropped it the other day but anyway him go over a paper I had finished ages ago so I sat there unscrewing the top of my blue pen watching the clock in its frozen position when for the umpteenth time today he called on me when my attention was no where near him but what I was going to post about today yup he called on me and of course being the wonderfully crafty person I am blew it over and gave the perfect answer but any way this is my long thought out post for the day so oh yeah and the Chorus is singing Love Shack so its in my head I'm doing a fake ransom note in art saying I stole one of Andy Warhol's famous screening of art (I guess screening works I mean silk screening sounds weird). Yeah well now I'm done I think my mom is making Salmon burgers (yeah) I case I haven't told you my mom thinks shes strait off the food network yeah well the sugar instead of flour and all the other mishaps are going through my brain.

Question who sings Love Shack?

well bye


WendyB said...

The B-52s.

Anonymous said...

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