Saturday, October 6, 2007

Costume Help!

Well to get away from the total dumbness I rambled on about last post, reading back on it I sounded like an illiterate fool and the title was the first thing that popped into my apparently small mind. Well anyway I need to find a good Halloween costume, because I'm handing out candy at my aunts house. There is some serious competition in the neighborhood for costumes plus some friends of mine are getting paid to take the kids they baby sit for around to the houses(since when do parents not take their kids trick or treating themselves). But anyway I was thinking about going as Audrey Hepburn or a witch acting as a muggle(non- magical person) with a shirt that says "Happy Hallowen Muggles" and asking the little kids what I'm supposed to do in terms of giving them candy (and yes I did mean to spell Halloween wrong). But I'm not sure yet I would like to go as something from Harry Potter but something more original.

So can you help me?
yes the picture above is a pumpkin

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Anonymous said...

I vote Audrey Hepburn but try to pick a one of the less popular outfits of hers, she rules.