Sunday, September 9, 2007

Famous Tents

Well, its Fashion Week obviously hence the infamous "Tent" in the picture above. Well at 5:00pm Diane Von Furstenburg will be at the "tent" today. Michael Kors showed at 1:00pm today. Some other shows today but only those 2 at the "tent". I envy New Yorkers even if you couldn't be inside to see the shows you can still linger and see fashion, designers and icons from all over the world. If only I could drive I would be there right now oh yeah and if that money tee in the back yard still existed. But why be gloomy, there is always You Tube and I can watch the shows in my pajamas and not 5 inch heels(yeah like I could walk in that high of heels). Speaking of heels especially high ones check out (link above) or for you lucky few a Dior store near you. I love the new shoes some are a little drastic but most are reasonably wearable and I mean reasonably wearable not reasonably priced.But who could put a price tag on love(besides my empty wallet).Ah well I'll leave you with,


Thinking:My team (the cowboys, play tonite) are going to win

Envying: lucky people who are at fashion week rite now

Même si tu devrais me dire au revoir, je continue encore à t'aimer

Which in English translates to, Even if you should say goodbye, I still go on loving you(I think). Goodbye was just to plain.

In the words of Gossip girl

You Know You Love Me

(I'm in a quote mood today and a colorful one too)


Anonymous said...

I use to work right by the tents so would adore Fashion week all day spotting models. I saw Naomi Campbell on the sidewalk and lily cole quite a few times. I miss working there :(

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